Friday, August 10, 2012

Rexona Confidence Project Giveaway Post #4 : Video #5

As promised, here's my Rexona Confidence Project Giveaway post #4.

Just watch Iya and Anya's Video #5 and answer the question below.

So being "HandyMan" is that easy? I don't think so? So watch Video #5 and answer the question below!

"How will you do the challenge if you are in Iya and Anya's feet?"

Comment your answers by following this very easy format: Answer/ Name/email/Contact#/.

Easy right?  So till my my next and last Rexona Giveaway post ...!


  1. Since i have no idea how to do what they did, i'd most likely do the same and learn from experience. Put on some cool worker clothes to make me feel like a real mechanic probably. :)

    Lovely Joy Merced

  2. We all know that being a handyman is a difficult job because it requires a lots of energy. It is job for boys/men only. But if we have the courage and confidence to do the challenge we will finish it. Every new experience brings new knowledge. So just enjoy what you're doing and believe that you can and you will end up successful in the job given to you!

    Filomena Villanueva

  3. Hard work becomes easy when our work becomes our play. We must never underestimate the value of loving what we do. In this case, I will do the challenge by taking it easily. We must learn to focus on what we're doing. Focus isn’t easy, but the more focused you are, the easier everything else becomes. And you must have the confidence so you can take the challenge according to your purposes.

    Aida Villanueva

  4. For this challenge since they already said "bawal ang maarte" i will forgot for a while that i am indeed maarte, I will focus on the wheel so i can give all the strength i needed to take out all the screw attached on it & i'll push so hard on that wheel jack so it will up a little giving me space to change the wheel, I haven't done this thing before but since i'm dreaming of having my own car it's better for me to learn on this challenge after all the car mechanis is watching over me so there's no need for me to worry that i wouldnt make this challenge his there to tell me if i did something wrong so what i just really needed to succeed in this challenge is FOCUS, DETERMINATION and of course TRUST that i can do this handyman challenge, with that I can do this confidently.

    April Jane Evasco

  5. this challenge is not easy we all know that this work is for men but that doesn't mean that women can't do this or we don't have to do this, if i'm on this challenge i will just think that i'm only playing i wont put pressure in my head as it will only affect my performance, if i don't invite pressure while doing this challenge they can see that i am confident on what i am doing even if i really don't have any idea on how to change a car wheel. keeping cool is indeed showing that you are confident.

    Maria Mylynne Ramos

  6. if men can do it, we girls can do it also! walang atrasan.. i will do the same thing, kahit mahirap just enjoy the things that you are doing.. like Iya and Anya, they are smiling even if they are nahihirapan, but that's the spirit! once you've done that, you'll get more confidence.

    Josephine Soliman-Gregorio

  7. If I'm in their shoes, I'd probably tie my hair-up, put my jacket where I can see them, and will probably remove my shoes and change into slippers so I can move freely! Handyman work is a tough job but if you can move freely with confidence, any girl can do what men can!

    Maryjoy Caasi

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