Thursday, August 9, 2012

TOP 20 Protege's REVEALED,Who's Your Bet?

From thousands of young dreamers who auditioned nationwide for a stab at stardom, Protege narrows down the list to the coveted Top 20 aspirants who will compete in GMA's original artista search.

With all the "Artista" search happening in other TV channels, no wonder a lot of aspirants have tried their luck.Is it about Money, Fame or Passion for acting? Whatever, still the Top 20 Protege will have a long way to go. There's so many challenges and conflicts that they will soon encounter so I hope these Proteges will take by heart and with burning desire what ever passion they have to help them catch their dreams.

I am sure these aspirants will be competitive in showing what they've got with the help of their mentors. The mentors had gone all over the country and searching the 15 key cities looking for that protege' with that star factor that will wow the Philippine audience. 

If these top 20 Proteges' are the best among the best, then this 5 mentors are also the best in their respective genres, Meet the 5 mentors. For the 4 chosen protege's in Mindanao, Philip Salvador will help them with his experience being the veteran in the films he has already starred. Jolina Magdangal, being the Multimedia star that she is and having grow up in the eyes of the Philippine viewers, she will share her talents as she will the mentor for the proteges in the Visayas region. 

We have already witnessed how Ricky Davao has shown his acting prowess as an actor over the years. Will his experience as director will help as he mentors the proteges' from Northern and Central Luzon?

 Seasoned Actress and Director Gina Alajar will be mentoring the 4 Protege from Southern Luzon. Will she be infusing some "dramatic" tips to her protege's? Here's a  link to a video interview we had with her.

How can his being a seasoned actor- Roderick Paulate, all these years, will help the proteges' he has chosen in Mega Manila region?

Now that I have revealed the 5 mentors, it's time to mention the Protege' Judges. For this season, the Judges who will critic the aspiring Proteges' are Cherie Gil, Bert de Leon, Joey de leon and Ms. Annette Gozon Abrogar.

The Judges

Hmm...Very interesting right! With the mixed personalities of the mentors and Judges, its up to their hands and your votes as to will be winner for this season of Protege': The Battle for The Big Artista Break

As for your bets, see if they got into the list:

Northern and Central Luzon
Mentor: Ricky Davao

  • Glenn Roy
  • Japs de Luna
  • Reese Tayag
  • Shelly Hipolito
Mentor: Jolina Magdangal

  • Bryan Benedict
  • Mikoy Morales
  • Mitch Capili
  • Zandra Summer
Mentor: Philip Salvador

  • David John Llanas
  • Ruru Madrid
  • Apple Vega
  • Steff Pacheco
Southern Luzon
Mentor: Gina Alajar

  • Jeric Gonzales
  • Mykel Ong
  • Arny Ross
  • Thea Tolentino
 Mega Manila
Mentor: Roderick Paulate

  • Andres Vasquez
  • Vien Alen King
  • Elle Ramirez
  • Kelly D
Dingdong Dantes will be the Presentor while Carla Abellana will be the Journey host. Maxene Magalona will be the webjock to to supplemement those who are always on the web while Jennylyn Mercado will be the one to fill us every night with Inside Protege' after One True Love Monday-Friday.

Visit their website for more updates.

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