Saturday, August 18, 2012

TV SHOWS: PROTEGE'S First Elimination Night

Avid fans of Protege': The Battle for The Big Artista Break will hold its first elimination nights. After last week's battle night, in which the bottom 10 proteges' was announced, I'm sure this is the finally the week that they all been waiting for.

The bottom 10 proteges' are as follows: Mykel Ong and Arny Ross from South Luzon; Zandra Summer and Mitch Capili from Visayas; Vien Alen King and Kelly D. from Mega Manila; Apple Vega and Ruru Madrid from Mindanao; and Japs de Luna and Glenn Roy from North and Central Luzon. 

How will each of the proteges' convince the Protege' Celebrity mentors that  they deserve to stay ? Each protege will perform a talent in front of the Judges, that they will the best to help them survive in this battle. 

Meanwhile, the Top10 Proteges' who are safe will perform with Just One Summer lead stars Julie Ann San Jose and Elmo Magalona.

This is is just one of the battles that each bottom 10  proteges' will have to endure every elimination night. So who do you think is your top5  proteges' who will bid the Protege' stage goodbye? 

Let's all find out tonight 8:30 PM on the third gala night of Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break after iBilib on GMA.

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