Wednesday, October 31, 2012

EDUCATION News: Private Sector Investment is up by 70%

This is a Press Release from the Office of the Secretary of Department of Education.

Private sector investment in the public school system has reached P5.8 billion in October 2012, up from P3.4 billion in 2011.

Education Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC said the bulk of donation is in the form of school buildings amounting to P1.7 billion which translates to 3,184 classrooms. “We are indebted to our private sector partners who continue to invest in education knowing fully well its power to transform the lives of many Filipinos,” he added.

DepEd fetes its education partners through simple recognition rites for the private sector, non-government organizations and individuals at the Bulwagan ng Karunungan, DepEd Central Office today, October 25.

Under DepEd’s Adopt-A-School program, private corporations and individual donors are invited to donate to public schools to bridge education resource gaps. In exchange, donors can avail of tax rebate from the government.

“Based on our experience, not all who donate avail of tax incentives. This proves that their bigger motivation is to give back to society,” Luistro observes.

The Adopt-A-School secretariat of DepEd continues to receive increasing proposition to donate from the private sector.

Some of the support provided by the private sector to public schools are  classrooms, furniture, infrastructure including toilets, handwashing facilities, school stage, fence and drainage system, feeding program, computers and technology support, school supplies, training and development, health and nutrition, direct assistance to students and teachers, reading program,  and DepEd-GASTPE scholarship grants.

"We believe that donors continue to give to DepEd because they are confident that their donation will be put to good use,” said Luistro.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

DESIGNER BLOOMS CAFE: A New Cafe That Offers Comfort Food Ala-Gourmet

Just when did you walked out and smelled the Flowers? If that was asked of me a few days ago, I would have said "Nada", but fortunately I could now say yes because yesterday I went all the way from North to South to just " smell the flowers at the "newly" opened "flower-cum-cafe' " DESIGNER BLOOMS CAFE`.

After 20 years of being the premier in serving the "freshest" flowers in the country, owners Marie Garcia and Issa Garcia-Sicam decided to open Designer Blooms Cafe' as "concept cafe' " that lets customers to get their dose of the freshest flowers and dine in a cafe' that serves sumptuous selections of soups, entrees and desserts.

Designer Blooms Cafe not only feeds the senses through the sight and smell of their flowers, they also feeds our search for a gustatory meal.

 Don't they all looked yummy! Although I don't have my sense of smell that day, I proved to myself that yummy food will always be yummy even though you have a bad sense of smell for the day!

It was all so worth it when I arrived here at Designer Blooms Cafe. The sight of the flowers just filled the cafe' with positive aura that makes a diner eat with gusto' !

It's not just the food and the flowers that made my visit a happy one. The interiors complemented the food with the effect that it gave to the over-all ambiance of the Cafe'. The interiors are all "modern -industrial" inspired.

 You can also buy some potted plants for your garden here!

Warm, fresh and inspiring is what this new Concept-cafe' wants its clientele to feel whenever they visit Designer Blooms Cafe.

Don't be in surprise if you happened to taste their food offerings-because they can be "addictively-Yummy". My favorite is their Truffle Mushroom Panini. It's yummy and definite fill!

If you wanna know what's in store for your tummies when you visit at Designer Blooms Cafe', here's a bit of their wide and varied list.

  • Hearty Mushroom Soup- Php189
  • Velvety Roasted Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Panini- Php249
  • Asian Noodle Soup- Php 229

Something To Nibble on :
  • Brushchetta and Grilled Mushroom Salpicao- Php235
  • Tinapa Mousse and Toasted Flat Bread-Php235
  • Bowl of Homemade Potato Chips-Php155

For Bigger Bites
  • Buffalo Tenders with Blue Cheese Dressing- Php320
  • Contemporary Fish Cakes with Mango Salsa- Php320
  • Skewer Platter- Php 475

For the Kiddos
  • Josh's Pizzadilla- Php 220
  • Skye's Sliders- Php 220
  • Natalia's Mac and Cheese- Php 275
  • Luke's Spaghetti- Php 220
  • Kyla's Chicken Tenders-Php 320

  • Truffled Mac and Cheese- Php 275
  • Designer Blooms Classic Carbonara- Php 220
  • Bolognese- Php 265
  • Cheese Ravioli with Basil Marinara- Php 275

From The Farm
  • Mom's Potato Salad- Php 195
  • Grilled Sesame Chicken with Salad and Oriental Dressing- Php 235
  • Greek Salad Medley- Php 220
  • Rocket Beet Salad- Php 220

Opened and Pressed Sandwiches
  • Pressed Tuna Sandwiches- Php 235
  • Spinach Artichoke Grilled Chicken Panini- Php 270
  • Vegetarian Panini- Php 215
  • Fresh Deli Sandwiches- Php 270

Heavier Buns
  • Jalapeno Burger- Php420
  • Fish Tacos with Cilantro Slaw- Php275
I know the list is quite long but there's more, just visit the Cafe' and be surprised and give a thumbs-up with their kitchen supervised by US-trained and CCA-alumni Chef Diana Morales.

 I asked their florist if what are the "most-sought after" flowers for their customers. They said it was the Hydrangeas, Roses and mums.

Well wasn't it nice, I was holding bunch of flowers and they said that it was the best-The HYDRANGEA (got the blue one). I was told that their flowers can stay up to 2 weeks even if you just put it on vase filled with water). HYDRANGEAS are produced from early spring to late autumn. It can be found in Eastern and Southern Asia and also in the Northern and Southern America.

Designer Blooms Cafe' will not be dream-cum-reality if not for its partnership with Esquire Financing Inc. through the financing's new program,"Powered by Esquire". POWERED by ESQUIRE is a program actively finding more business with resources, expertise and network that EFI has acquire and stands to share to its clients.

Shout-out to the owners-Please open another cafe' here in Quezon City or somewhere in Katipunan so that I could have my daily dose of the flowers and sumptuous food served at Designer Blooms Cafe'.

Please pay this new "concept-cafe' " a vist. It is located at The Molito Complex, Alabang. For inquiries and reservations, please call (02) 512-0353. For more updates via Facebook just type

CenterStage Mall of Asia Now Open with New Themes and Party Packages

With a fun loving person and karaoke person as well, nothing could go wrong with a visit to CenterStage's newest branch!

Last October 23, 2012, CenterStage Mall of Asia has been added to its ever growing KTV franchise. CenterStage Mall of Asia is the biggest and the most spacious among its other branches.

It has various spacious rooms to date! Just made for all kind of crowd who like to dine, enjoy and sing their hearts out even on after meetings , team buildings or even just hanging out.

Here's a list of their new rooms!

The Sala Room
It can accommodate 80-100 persons for 35,000 minimum consumable for 4 hours  and Php2,500 consumable for each extra hour. It has a billiard table, private and a restroom.

The Presidential Room
It can accommodate 40-5- persons for Php25,000minimum consumable for 3hours and Php1,950 consumable for each extra hour OR Php1,950 non-consumable per hour room charge only-minimum 3 hours.  (with billkiard table, private bar and restroom).

It can accommodate 40-50 persons for Php18,000 minimum consumable for 3 hours and Php1,500 consumable for each extra hour OR Php1,500 non-consumable per hour room charge only minimum of 3 hours. (With Stage and Private Restroom).

 It can Accommodate 30-40 persons for Php15,000 minimum consumable for 3 hours and Php1,500 consumable for each extra hour (with Stage, dance floor and bar).

Good for 30-40 persons  for Php15,000 consumable for 3 hours and Php1,250 consumable per hour room charge only -minimum 3 hours.

Can accommodate 10-15 persons for Php5,000 minimum consumable for 3 hours and Php750 consumable for each extra hour OR Php750 non-consumable per hour hour room charge only. Minimum of 3 hours. (Semi-big room with private restroom).

It can Accommodate 10-15 persons for Php550 non-consumable per hour room charge.

Small Rooms: 4-6 persons/Php250 non-consumable per hour.
Medium rooms:6-10 persons/Php450 non-consumable per hour .

As for the Party Packages, CenterStage Mall of Asia has KARAOKE FUN PACKAGES( yummy food, quality beverages and 3 hours of Karaoke fun) that will suit everyone's kind of partying style!


Pica-Pica Packages; Food and Drinks Set good for 5 persons with a Php2,000 net.

Food Package: Food and Drinks Set good for 10 persons for Php3,600 net.

Drink Packages: Drinks Set w/ Pica-Pica good for 10 persons for Php3,600 net.


Minimum of 20 persons for Php395+Php995 per head.

As they say It's MoreFun at CenterStage Mall of Asia, now CenterStage fans will have more choices wher to to have that funstastic karaoke night out.  Aside from the fabulous  and spacious rooms, CenterStage also boasts of its Professional Audio Video system, rooms surrounded by LED disco lights and strobes.

For those waiting for your chance to belt out  a song, CenterStage also has WIFI , cable TV, Billiards and Poker tables, darts computer and Wii so there's no reason to be bored!!!

Just liked what we experienced at the launch... Who says these bloggers will enjoy belting songs at the CenterStage Presidential suite:

 Obviously Rod Magaru of enjoyed his time singing his heart away
with CenterStage updated songlist.

From L-R: Ms. Iza Calzado, Yael of Sponge Cola and the ultimate Eventologist Tim Yap
Iza Calzado hosted the event with Tim Yap.

Just be sure to bring the whole barkada like these bloggers who are all evidently happy with their CenterStage KTV experience.
From L-R: Rain de Ocampo, Ria Hazel Lumandog and Krystle Pingol.

So what are you waiting for? Turn your ordinary KTV experience to "Extraordinary" by visiting any of the CenterStage Branches most especially the newly opened CenterStage Mall of Asia!

For more updates about CenterStage:
Like them on Facebook:
Follow them on Twitter:
Or visit them at their site:

CenterStage Mall of Asia is located at Bldg.C, SM by The Bay , Seaside Boulevard Pasay City. For reservations, please call 0917-3856729/0917-385-6739/0932-3830478

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Korean specialties From CHEF'S NOODLES for the Pinoy palate

From Kpop to kimchi, anything Korean is definitely hot right now. This is why it’s not surprising that a lot of Korean restaurants have started to grow all over the country. While it usually caters to Korean expats who’ve already made the Philippines their home, Pinoy foodies who have already developed a taste for Korean dishes have also been frequenting such places to get their fix of  kimchi, bibimbap, and so many mouthwatering Korean specialties.

Chef’s Noodle Philippines
With that in mind, Simisim Group of Companies is proud to present Chef’s Noodle, a popular fast-casual Korean restaurant, which is set to make waves in the Philippines.

Having acquired the master franchise of Chef’s Noodle, the company already has big plans for the hip, new dining outlet, already partnering with popular Korean expats, like model/TV personality/DJ Grace Lee and Korean celebrity Chef Choi In Sun to be its local endorsers.

For its grand launch, held at University Mall along Taft Avenue (Chef’s Noodle’s first branch in the country), both Chef Choi In Sun and Grace Lee were present to show their support for the brand and of course, promote all the delicious Korean fare that they have to offer.

With a great range of Korean specialties that ranges from the traditional menu items that are unique to the restaurant, Chef’s Noodle definitely has something delicious for everyone.

Delicious, hearty, Korean specialties
From the restaurant’s signature dish, aptly named, “Chef’s Noodle” (freshly-made Korean noodles with beef, anchovy broth topped with leeks, bean sprouts, fried tofu, spring onion, red pepper, egg roll, and bulgogi) , the restaurant is also proud to serve hearty portions of appetizers, rice and noodle dishes. Take a look at some of the yummy treats that Chef’s Noodle has in store, bibimbap (traditional Korean steamed rice with seasoned vegetables, beef, and egg), bulgogi leek jun (deep fried bacon sliced beef with leeks mixed eggs and seasoned vegetables),bibim noodle (Korean spicy cold noodle mixed with sweet and sour blend sauce topped with egg roll, bean sprouts, andbulgogi), bulgogi leek kimbap (seaweed rice rolls with beef and leeks), curry dupbap (or curry donburi warm rice topped with beef curry and seasoned vegetables),  jjampong (spicy Korean seafood ramen), and so much more.

It’s also interesting to note that Chef Choi In Sun had a hand in developing some of Chef’s Noodle’s mouthwatering specialties, something that should make your visit to the restaurant even more exciting.

Expansion in the Philippines
Given its timely entry in the Philippine market, Chef’s Noodle Philippines has also considered venturing in offering franchising opportunities for Filipinos. Relying on the brand’s good reputation and a strong and efficient support system from Chef’s Noodle Korea, the local management behind the franchise is very confident that they’ll be a great partner to their local franchisees.

Chef’s Noodle Philippines is very excited about its plans of expanding nationwide, provided that it offers a good business model, especially for startup businesses, interested parties who want to share the best of Korean fast-casual dining to the rest of the country wouldn’t have a hard time setting up their very own Chef’s Noodle franchise in their hometown.

Through rapid expansion especially through major malls and other commercial establishments, Chef’s Noodle will become more accessible to anyone who has an appetite for delicious, hearty, and reasonably-priced Korean dishes. Doesn’t matter whether you’re into Kpop or not, savor and enjoy the taste of what the hype on Korean food is all about by visiting Chef’s Noodle’s first-ever branch in the Philippines.

Chef's Noodle is located at the 2/F University Mall, Taft Avenue. For more details and updates on upcoming branches visit and like their page

Paranormal Activity 4 Coming Soon This November 2012

It has been five years since the disappearance of Katie and Hunter, and a suburban family witnesses strange events in their neighborhood when a woman and a mysterious child move in.

Alex (Kathryn Newton) films her younger brother Wyatt's soccer match. At Alex's house, she shows her boyfriend Ben (Matt Shively) the treehouse in the garden. Here they discover Robbie, the neighbor's child. Puzzled with why he is here, she takes him back to his own house across the road. In the early hours of the next morning, Alex hears an ambulance outside at Robbie's house. The next day Robbie turns up at the house after Alex's mom Holly (Alexondra Lee) offered to look after him for a few days because his mother went into the hospital.

Later on in the day Alex finds Wyatt and Robbie in her treehouse talking to Robbie's invisible friend. In the evening Wyatt is playing multi-player on the Kinect by himself with Robbie sitting on the sofa.
Ben asks who Wyatt is playing with and Robbie tells him it's his friend. When Alex arrives in the lounge Ben turns the lights off in the lounge and shows Wyatt through the camera the infra-red tracking dots. As Alex, Ben and Wyatt dance in the dark and Robbie sits on the sofa, the camera picks up something moving on the sofa next to him.

Stranger things unfold in the following days leading to more horrifying experiences in Alex’s life. Watch how the paranormal activity ends.

The thriller movie stars Katie Featherston, Kathryn Newton, Matt Shively, Alexondra Lee , Sprague Grayden, Brady Allen, and Aiden Lovekamp.

Paranormal Activity 4 is produced by Paramount Pictures, is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman and is distributed by United International Pictures thru Solar Entertainment Corporation. Coming soon at your favorite theaters and cinemas this November.​

Friday, October 26, 2012

How EVOLIFE PRODUCTS Helps in the Alleviation of Pain During Treatments

I have four aunts and one of them (she was my favorite) died at young age during her first year as a mom. Oh how I was devastated during that time because I can't believe she was gone too soon. The culprit? It was "Bone Cancer" and as her relatives, most especially my mom cannot do anything as she stayed at Bacolod (our province) and not even the doctors can help her.

Spooktacular Treats at the Araneta Center

It’s time to bring out the spooky and magical costumes and head over to the Araneta Center for a Spooktacular Halloween this October 27! It’s going to be one big Halloween party for kids at the Gateway Mall, Ali Mall, and Farmers Plaza Activity Areas!

Go trick-or-treating with cosplayers, be amazed at the magicians when they do their mind-boggling tricks, see how balloon twisters turn balloons into works of art, reach for the skies at the inflatable castle, and more!

For only a minimum single-receipt purchase of P300 from Gateway Mall, Ali Mall, and Farmers Plaza, kids can enter the fair grounds and participate in all of the activities!

It’s going to be an all-day affair with loads more activities for the kids and kids-at-heart to enjoy! Other activities in store for kids are the face painting, costume contest, photo ops with cosplayers, and a surprise mascot dance. As a special treat, kids who will come in dressed as their favorite Disney princess or hero can get a special discount when they buy Disney on Ice: Princesses & Heroes tickets!

Plus, enjoy great discounts during the Halloween/Pre-Holiday Sale on October 30 to November 4 when you shop at Gateway Mall, Ali Mall, Farmers Plaza, and SM Cubao!

The Spooktacular Halloween at the Araneta Center will be from 10:00am to 6:00pm. This special Halloween party is brought to you by The Araneta Center. See you there!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nido Discovery Science Partner with Cartoon Network for More Fun Science Discoveries

It’s third period science. You’re expecting another round of boring lectures when suddenly the teacher starts talking about the stars and how the universe was formed. Lights then start to dim, and flecks of tiny gems begin sparkling from the dark. You find yourself marveling at how the little flickers come to life right in front of your eyes.

And then you wake up. The daydream left you wondering if it has ever been possible to witness the wonders of science first-hand—to actually see the incredible feats, the remarkable phenomena, the oddities, the brilliant facts, and the stellar news happening right in front of you…

What if I told you it’s possible?

This coming Tuesday, September 25, the NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center (NFSDC), in partnership with Cartoon Network, is presenting kids with new hands-on and interactive exhibits that bring classroom lessons to life.

Featuring school-themed activities, educational games, and informative booths children can enjoy, the grand launch of the new NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center showcases fun and excitement set in a classroom setting.

In line with NFSDC’s aim to educate children in a fun and engaging way, the center teams up with Cartoon Network, the leading kids’ cable channel in the Philippines, to help jumpstart the entertainment at the launch. Apart from bringing along a slew of all-time favorite characters from hit series such as Ben 10, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time and many more at the launch, Cartoon Network is bringing the amazing world of toons to kids through a new interactive gallery called The Science of Cartoons—an exhibit that offers a colorful and informative journey through the world of animation.

Lucien Harrington, Vice President, Branding and Communications for Turner International Asia Pacific said, “Cartoon Network is Asia’s top destination for kids. Through this exhibition we hope to animate kids’ lives by inviting them to step into the shoes of an animator. With the support of the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center, visitors will be inspired by the incredible artistry and technical skill that an animated series requires.”

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Net25's SESSIONS on 25th Street Celebrates 1st Year with a Free Concert at Eastwood Mall

TV viewers who like to spend their Sunday evenings surfing channels have likely run into this new program from Net 25—and caught an OPM star or two singing their biggest hits. And it looks like more and more viewers are tuning in.

The musical talk show Sessions on 25th Street is steadily gaining recognition among viewers for featuring some of OPM’s biggest names and most promising acts every Sunday night. In its first two seasons, the show has had the likes of Jaya, Jay-R, Yeng Constantino, Jim Paredes, Sponge Cola and Hajji Alejandro as guests, who shared their stories and jammed their hits with host Ernie Magtuto.

The show has likewise gained the attention of the local industry, having been nominated in the Best Musical/Variety Show category in this year’s PMPC Star Awards for TV. To mark its 1st year on-air and kick off its 3rd season, the show will be holding a special free concert on October 28 at Eastwood Mall.

 Sessions on 25th Street Hosts Ernie Magtuto and Apple Chiu during the presscon.

According to host Ernie Magtuto, the show is tailor-made for fans of all kinds of OPM. “At Sessions, we really put the spotlight on the guests. We give them the luxury of time to talk about their projects, their views and their plans, and this is something that both the guests and the viewers appreciate,” he explains.
Ernie adds that unlike other music programs that are geared towards a specific genre, Sessions caters to a wide variety of styles and sounds—its guests have ranged from rock groups (Sponge Cola and Callalily) and reggae acts (Tropical Depression) to balladeers (Marco Sison and Jed Madela), pop divas (Jaya and Geneva Cruz), R n’ B artists (South Border), singer-songwriters (Aiza Seguerra and Noel Cabangon) and even international artists (Marie Digby).
“Each viewer will definitely find something in the show that they will enjoy. Hopefully, the show’s variety will inspire music fans to discover and appreciate more genres,” says Ernie.  

 The show's Network executives and hosts.

Ernie himself is no stranger to the industry, with two decades of experience as a performer, producer, arranger and composer, and he is most known for having been the musical director for The New Minstrels. Ernie often accompanies Sessions guests on the piano, and he says that being the host and performer—as well as the arranger of many of the performed songs—on Sessions is no easy task.
“Handling the music direction and hosting at the same time is quite a tall order, and I think I still have room to grow as a TV host,” he says with candor. “But I think that improvement will come as long as I keep on enjoying interacting with my guests, and I believe that this feeling will rub off on viewers.”
Ernie stresses that the show aims to feature not just popular artists, but also up-and-coming and unsigned acts. “We want to give exposure to new acts and help them to share their music with OPM fans,” he says. The show has featured the likes of young singer Myrus, who first gained attention on YouTube, and veteran songwriter Toto Sorioso, who has since bagged first prize in the 1st Phil Pop Music Festival.

For the show’s 1st anniversary concert, Ernie will be joined by a special co-host, Apple Chiu of “Singing Bee” and “Philippine Idol” fame, who had also been a guest on the program. “Aside from being such a talented singer, Apple is also a very engaging personality, and she will definitely add excitement to our concert,” remarks Ernie.

Big names have been lined up for the show, including Jay Durias, Juris, Luke Mejares and Lani Misalucha, with Ernie saying that it will be a live version of Sessions on 25th Street. “We want to mark our 1st anniversary and kick off our new season with a bang, and we’re thrilled to have such huge stars joining us on October 28.”

“We’ve had a wonderful year, and we’re thankful and fortunate to have long-time friends in the industry such as Hajji and the New Minstrels who supported us when we started,”
 says Ernie. “This free concert is our way of thanking the viewers who have tuned in this past year, and we want to let them know that we still have many more great things in store for them.”

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet the New Upcoming Band " She's Only Sixteen".

During my college days, I enjoyed joining my "guy" friends during their band rehearsals. Believe it or not, I even aspired to be a vocalist or a drummer that time, but in the end I chose to be in the sidelines believing that the "career" was not for me.

Beyond my musical aspirations is my love and support for OPM (Original Pilipino Music) so up to now the Filipino musicality reigns for me.

Yesterday (Oct 18,2012) I had the chance and listened to "She's Only Sixteen". They are not your ordinary girl band as the name connotes! Their the complete opposite- their hour "fresh" from high school band.

The boys are all still in high school and that was good enough to know that their serious both about school stuff and the new career they are soon to embark on.

The band is consist of Roberto Sena ( if his surname rings a bell - yes the famed theater actor is his dad "Robert Sena), he plays the lead vocals and guitar; Anjo Silvoza (bass), Andrew Panopio (Guitar) and King Puentedpina.(drums) .

The lead vocals, Roberto Sena adds," we base our roots and influences from musicians like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Phoenix, MGMT, Radiohead and among others."

Their self-titled debut EP under Universal Records-Orion Entertainment contains 4 tracks and an acoustic version of their first single "Dying To Meet You".

You guys have to check and buy their album at your favorite record stores for only Php150.

For more updates about this new and upcoming Alternative Rock band, follow them on:

The presscon will not be possible fir its very generous sponsors/supporters: LionhearTV, Pinoy Magazine, BANDS Magazine and Centerstage KTV Tomas Morato.

RagsIIRichesxAranaz=Fashion with Social Responsibility

Style icons and fashion enthusiasts converged at the North Court of Rockwell Center’s Power Plant Mall in Makati City for the Rags2Riches (RIIR) by ARANAZ Holiday Collection 2012. Entitled “Nudos,” the Spanish translation for “knots,” the second collaboration of RIIR and ARANAZ exudes boldness and enduring elegance. Created by one of the most respected and in-demand homegrown designers today, Amina Aranaz-Alunan has raised the fashion ante by making eco-ethical style an in-trend fashion statement.

“The Nudos collection is handwoven by our Rags2Riches Cooperative in Payatas and assembled by our in-house workshop. All knots for this collection, which are new artisan techniques introduced by Amina specifically for these bags and accessories, were handmade in our in-house workshop by our highly skilled, full-time artisans. Our hope is that with the success of this collection, these beautiful fashion accessories and new artisan skills can be extended to all Rags2Riches communities,” said Reese Fernandez, president for Rags2Riches.

RIIR artisans are known for their weaving skills primarily using upcycled scrap fabric. The versatility of the fabric lends itself nicely to different textures and techniques. For the RIIR by ARANAZ collection, designer Amina Aranaz-Alunan was inspired to play around with various kinds of knots, a new technique which introduced a different texture to the stylish pieces.
“I had a book about making knots and decided to play around with the scrap fabrics,” shared Alunan.

RIIR’s collections have captured the attention of the fashion world since it launched eco-ethical style in the Philippines in 2007. It has gained a steady following among fashion cliques in Manila, Asia and Europe, with illustrious personalities being seen donning an ensemble with an RIIR piece.

RIIR and ARANAZ sets the trend for bags and accessories
A visually stimulating art installation was the backdrop for the latest line of must-have bags and accessories from RIIR and ARANAZ. Guests also marveled at the haute couture gowns provided by Tina Daniac, while music by internationally- acclaimed violinist Coke Bolipata and pianist Jourdann Petalver created the ambient mood during the exclusive black and gold affair.

Noteworthy about the RIIR and ARANAZ holiday collaboration are the sumptuous colors and intricate weaving techniques that were highlighted in all the accessories. The adherence to eco-ethical style makes every RIIR accessory one-of-a-kind. Stand-out pieces in the RIIR by ARANAZ Nudos line include the “Amara,” a braided clutch with wooden frame accent, removable antique chain strap and magnetic closure; “Lazada,” a molded clutch in abaca with braided trim detail and knotted cotton flap with magnetic closure; “Sobre,” an envelope clutch in x-small basket weave, jute flap and knotted braided accent with interior pocket; and “Cartera,” a purse in knitted cotton x-small basket weave, knotted ball puller and cotton lining with interior pocket. “Pulsera,” a cuff bracelet with knotted braid accent and vachetta leather with golden snap closure, simply commands attention. “Lazo,” a necklace with three cotton knot pendants, braided cotton strap with braided string, antique chain and suede string accents, is reminiscent of vintage sophistication. “Cuello,” a knotted cotton braid choker with braided string, antique chain and suede string strap, transcends the unique balance of restraint and innovation.

“RIIR by Aranaz Nudos Holiday Collection is an audacious attempt to bring fashion forward. Each stylish piece is unique and exquisite. It speaks to the chic, independent, elegant and empowered women of today who embody the eco-ethical lifestyle,” said Fernandez.

RIIR by ARANAZ Nudos Holiday Collection was presented by RCBC Diamond MasterCard, Visual Mannequin Solution (VMS) and Power Plant Mall.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

MANGO Opens H.E by MANGO and MANGO Touch in the Philippines

MANGO, which opened its first store in Barcelona's Passeig de Gracia in 1984, now has over 2,500 stores in 109 countries. It is Spain's second biggest fashion export company and its concept is based on an alliance between a quality product, in accordance with the latest fashion trends and an affordable price

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Callalilly's Album Flower Power Officially Launched

Are you a "Callalista" meaning you rave just about any of Callalily's songs! Then there's another reason for you to rave because their new album is officially out- "Flower Power"

Why "Flower Power"? , Kean Cipriano, the band's lead vocalist said," Since Callalily is really known as a "Flower" then it's like unleashing the "power of the flower".

The album's new song "Pasasalamat" is now currently at the Myx's Top 10 Hit chart. And here's more you can also download it at My Music Store

And on Friday, Oct.12,2012 at Eastwood Mall open tent, just buy their album and have it signed by Callalily in flesh!

Don't forget to follow them on

Saturday, October 6, 2012

AZTA URBAN SALON: IONIC KERATIN Is A Must-Have for Colored-Manes Like Mine!

Every once in while it's nice to embrace change. A change in how you or what you eat? In how you dress or even how you decide to have that "Not-Your-Usual" Hair color. Just a week ago , I got my precious mane its much needed "hair" make-over, but I concentrated on changing and getting a more "braver" color.

They say blond highlights are for those who have white-skin, but for me I -I BEG TO DISAGREE. Every one has a right to try what she/he wants.

So I got it dyed and with some highlights at Fanny Serrano Salon in Tomas Morato. In less than a week, I noticed that it dried a bit. Some say its natural it dried a bit because of the chemicals used in coloring my hair. So what to do now?

A friend suggested about giving it (my mane) its much needed nourishing treatment. A treatment that will bring back its fullness and color. She said that I try IONIC KERATIN Hair treatment. I googled it and it says that its best for rebonded and Hair Color treated hair.

The next question is, where to have that treatment. I have been thinking and considering Azta Urban Salon (for the longest time) but been having thoughts that treatments might be a little too "pricey" with them. I was so decided that this is the right time to trust my instincts. So out on a rainy Thursday, I went to Azta Urban Salon Robinson's MetroEast.

Azta Urban Salon Metro East is just one ride a way from where I live. It is located at The 3rd level of Robinson's MetroEast. This branch is so spacious and mind you they have strong wi-fi connection, hahaha ! I got so excited with that thought, that I'll be able to share how the treatment goes over my Facebook account :) And upon arriving at their door, I am greeted by the very warm and accommodating smile of the one's in charge of their reception.

Their Senior stylist ushered me to seat over the treatment room where they have to wash my hair first.

AZTA URBAN SALON Robinson's Metroeast

From L-R (Top): Wash my hair first and then put the Keratin Treatment on my hair in leave it for 20 mins. L-R (Bottom): I requested that I want to put my hair under steam) and then after 20 mins., it's blow-drying time! Just don't forget to take Shampoo and conditioners in between to make your hair color last.

This was the pictures I took after the treatment and I was happy with the results. And to my surprise, they gave me a "reminder" -On what to do or not do after the treatment. It just goes to show that they also consider giving a reminder to busy clients like me; which at times I tend to forget "verbal" reminders so with that "written" reminder (which was my first time to get a reminder from any salon that I've been to)  I'm sure not to forget how to take care of my hair.

They also have a lot of Hair Care items which are mostly from reputable Hair Care brands.

They have an ongoing promo with Cash Cash Pinoy -Ionic Keratin treatment for only Php299 if you buy the voucher online while if not the treatment is Php700 (for hair length just like mine).

Actually I proved myself wrong because I thought the services at Azta Urban Salon is so expensive. But hey that was also nice to be wrong , err sometimes? I was surprised that their hair treatments like the ones I got only ranges from Php500 up; depends on your hair length and what kind of hair treatment.

Before and After
This was my "Before and After" photo. And I am happy with the results. The treatment pulled back to life the dryness that it had when I gave it a new hair color. And more importantly, it wasn't that much of stash in my budget. It paid off. Wait I forgot to tell that the treatment also comes with a back massage. That was a "real" value for my money. I think I'm gonna consider of going back again at Azta Urban Salon because Hair pampering is not that pricey and their staff are very nice approachable too!

Just another reminder, don't forget to call and place an appointment at any Azta Urban Salon because they already have satisfied clients that keeps on coming back from time to time. Make sure you have an appointment so that you won't have to wait long. And oh, don't forget to check out their other treatments, they also have body care/spa services.

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3rd Level /Robinson's Metroeast Mall
Tel.# 681-21-07
Open Monday-Sunday 10am-9pm