Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blue Water Day Spa Launches CHAKRA as their Newest Holistic Massage

Just like how "milk tea" become a craze here in the Philippines, Wellness and spas have been constructed here and there. I wouldn't be surprise if there will be countless number of spa here in the Metro. The reason might people have accepted and embrace the benefits of visiting these wellness hub sometimes.

And just like my favorite spa, Blue Water Day Spa just launched their newest massage treatment called AMORA CHAKRA MASSAGE.

CHAKRA MASSAGE is scanning the seven major Chakra’s of the body and then massaging the body and chakras by using the aroma synergy blend by using and laying of the seven crystals chakra stones.  It’s a healing massage which helps to balance the major chakras of the body and synergy blend helps the mind to relax.

 The Aromatherapy Oils

 It was said that different stones and crystal are used for Chakra Massage.
It also focuses on the 7 main Chakras.
Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “WHEEL” There are hundreds of Chakra’s located on our body. But we focus on major seven chakra of the body.  Chakra Healing has been practised since ancient times in Ayurveda and Yoga meditations. When our chakras are blocked then the energy cannot flow through the body which may cause blockages and in turn can cause diseases in the body.

The launch happened at Blue Water Day Spa's Ortigas Branch and what a great way to introduce the new massage technique is to have its very own creator ,  Ms. Ranjeet Kour. 

Ms. Ranjeet Kour's very extensive experience in the field of spa operations and therapy dates way back 20 years ago. She is also honorary President of Professional Aesthetician International (APAI) in Hongkong.

To have guests, media and blogger guests be more familiar with Aroma Chakra Massage, Ms. Kour simultaneously explain and demonstrated the massage together with Blue Water Day Spa Spa Technician, which she also trained  herself.

Ms. Ranjeet Kour
Ms. Kour also said that this massage is highly recommended for those who are into fitness and holistic well-being. Any one who will undergo this kind of massage should be mentally and spiritually prepared and calm before the massage.

Chakra massage is important for everyone to have as it will balance the chakras of the body, and energy called Prana can flow through easily around our body as in general will help the body to heal itself.  We will sleep better,   Can cope with stress and have positive feelings within the body. Experience Chakra massage only at BlueWater Dya Spa.

This kind of massage will be available to all Blue Water Day Spa branches on December 2012.

Now there will be more reasons to check out Blue Water Day Spa branches near you.

Blue Water Day Spa has 5 branches within Metro Manila:  Ortigas- Greenhills, Makati, Capitol Hills, Eastwood City and Tomas Morato. And one in Cotabato City. Visit their website at

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