Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Philippine National Figure Skating Championships Slated November 24-25, 2012

Nothing beats the ice but only the country's best and brightest in the field of figure skating. Figure skating in the country has been one of the sports that brought the Philippine team in the spotlight of success. The future of our country in the sport of Skating made a successful mark when our very own Filipino pride Michael Martinez was ranked WORLD Number 10 by International Skating Union.

So in line with these, The Philippine National Figure Skating Championships will be held at The SM International Ice Skating Rink at SM Mall of Asia from November 24-25, 2012.

It is overwhelmingly participated by 44 competitors from various divisions, 11 of which are from the USA and Switzerland as well as the recently ranked Michael Martinez.

The Philippine National Figure Skating Championships is highly regarded as the most notable event in the Philippine competitive figure skating tournaments, This competition is open for amateur and professional skaters, open for Filipino skaters, skaters with dual citizenship or long time residents.
The winners from this competition will be ones who be sent to compete in the international figure skating stilts like World Figure Skating Championships, World Junior Figure Ice Skating Championships, Four Continents and the Winter Olympics.
This upcoming competition was presented through a presscon which was held atIMAX Theatre 2nd floor SM Mall of Asia.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are a lot of Filipino skaters who are dual citizenships holders who are joining this year’s competition. From what I’ve research, these Filipinos chose to compete here in the Philippines because there are more opportunities here in our country, And there are more chances that they’ll be given a spot (given if they won in this competition) to represent our country to other international figure skating competitions.

Our country is a tropical one, given that we don’t have snow or ice here, still the sport is growing. Well the parents of the aspiring skaters are the ones we should thank first because they are primarily the ones who support the sport most specially, when it comes to finances. A skater has to, of course pay their coaches. According to one of the parents I’ve got to talk with, money is just one of the many investments they have to do in order to support their skaters. Time and a lot of practice are also one of the many things their children has to endure just to follow their love and passion for the sport.

I'm sure fans and families most especially the fans of this sport will truly be amazed on this 2-day sports spectacle.

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