Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fancy Cakes and Crepes: My Desserts-Haven at Matalino St. Q.C.

If you are looking for a nice quaint little nook where you can peacefully spend an afternoon eating your favorite dessert and say “ Life’s Good”, I suggest that you pay a visit to my newest “dessert” discovery- "FANCY CAKES and CREPES”.

Cakes and Crepes goes well as these two delectable dessert are the prime offerings of Fancy Cakes and Crepes.

First encounter with Fancy Cakes and Crepes was when I attended the The Tang-Galing”  event at Manila Hotel, where Fancy Cakes and Crepes’ yummy Cheesecake was served. I kept the calling card that goes with the CheeseCake served.

I visited Fancy Cakes and Crepes  with my friend-cum-sissy Ann Ville last Tues Night (January 8, 2012). The place is bigger than I thought. Very spacious enough that you can also have your meetings here with a client. They have an al-fresco area.

Now here’s the fab part of my visit, I know I just have to order their cakes because I want to savor that “perfect” Cheesecake taste.

Here’s what I ordered for the first part : CAKES GALORE

Romeo and Juliet

Marshmallow Chocolate Cake Whole Php758 Mini 385
Smores is so good that kids will like them if you want them taste something sweet.

 Nutella Cheesecake 
whole Php 868, mini Php 440
This is my favorite among the 3 not because of the Nutella but because the Chocolatey taste of the Nutella did not overpower the Cheesecake itself.

The 2nd part was when we ordered our CREPES!
Anne Ville ordered the Midnight Sun. She just love anything with Blueberries!

Midnight Sun (blueberry Crepe)Php150

Love how my name was on my Crepe!
BananaNutella Php269
I ordered their bestseller BananaNutella (Crepes oozing Bananas and topped with generous servings of Whipped cream and Nutella Spread. 

The place and its ambiance suggests that I can do my work (do my blogposts) peacefully on a Sunday. The interiors boosts positive and relaxing ambiance which a lot of foodies now look for. What is Fancy Cakes and Crepes for me? It equates delectable desserts + relaxing ambiance= Fancy Cakes and Crepes.

This is how it looks inside, so homey makes me wanna plan my future house!

Feels like you're eating your crepe at the comforts of your home!

This is how their seating looks like outside. If you're always with a group who loves lengthy chit-chats and tons of laughs, then here's the perfect place to go! Can't wait to bring all my friends here.

By the way here’s a list of the other sumptuous cakes that they also offer:

  • Romeo and Juliet
Black and white Chocolate Whole Php758 MiniPhp385


Marshmallow Chocolate Cake Whole Php758 Mini 385

  • Pastillas Cheesecake Whole Php868 Mini Php440
  • Mango Cake Whole Php 386  Mini 165

Caramel Chocolate Cake Whole Php:758, Mini Php385

  • Cherry on Chocolate Cake Whole Php868, Mini Php 440

Dome Cake whole Php758 Mini Php 440

  • Nutella Cheesecake whole Php 868, mini Php 440Butterfinger Cheesecake , Oreo Cheesecake, White Chocolate Cheesecake

 Ddn't know My clothes is too colorful for the ambiance of the place hahaha!
But it's always a nice and fun time going with my sis Anne

This is one of the few things makes me love my own city (Quezon City),gradually more restaurants and desserts places are coming out to serve and satisfy the thirst of foodies for good food. If you hate going to crowded places like malls just to satisfy your craving for cakes and crepes, my best suggestion is visit Fancy Cakes and Crepes.

Their branches:
Fancy Cakes
44-A Magiting St. Teacher’s Vill, Diliman, Q.C

Fancy Crepes
40 Matalino Street cor. kalayaanAve. Diliman Q.C

55-D Matahimik St.
Teacher’s Village Diliman, Q.C
Tel#’s: 4331048/ 4330371/ 09178062666
Operating Hours: 7am-4pm

Fancy cakes also come in slices and can also be availed in half and whole cake portions.
Fancy Cakes and Crepes is located at 40 Matalino Street Corner Kalayaan Ave. Diliman Q.C. They can also deliver if you want their yummy cakes delivered right at your doorstep ( but for the meantime they only deliver within the 1Km radius perspective;but they are working out on ways on how they  can maximize their delivery needs).

Service also satisfactory because all their staff are nice and polite.
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  1. yay. so yummy! i want to try Nutella Cheesecake :D

  2. I love sweet foods, especially crepes and cakes. I want to try Nutella Cheesecake.

  3. ilike the place, lakas maka clssic or vintage ang lugar tas samahan mo pa ng sweet foodies!!!!!

  4. Would love to visit this place someday. That slice of Romeo and Juliet is perfect for the coming Valentines day, don't you think? And, btw, your rainbowy shirt just matches your colorful personality!