Friday, January 11, 2013

GEB SUPERCLUB: Newest Party Hub in the Heart of Q.C.

I used to be a “partyphile” way back in college. I remember me and my friends can’t last a week without going to Decades, our party haven during those days. Oh how I wish I could back and relive those memories. I left those wonderful memories to face a more challenging and fulfilling life of being a wife to my loving husband and fulfilling role of being a mom to the two most kept gems in my life , my kids. I have no regrets. I cannot say that my life is perfect. I also have my flaws as a person but I take every criticism as a step forward to improve and develop myself.

I have been married for almost 5 years and I have dedicated those years as stay-at-home mom and chose to revolve my life around my and kids. My everyday life as a full-time mom has been both challenging and rewarding as I try to stay at home and tend to my duties to our home and family.
But as they say it’s never too late to enjoy life. For me you have to enjoy life as you take it. Take every waking hour as if it will be your last and enjoy life to its fullest.

My kids continue to grow everyday and we all cannot stop that. And as a mom, I also also need to grow and look out for things that will also make me as a person. Not that I’m saying that I’m not happy with my family. I think in order to balance my life as a mom is to go out sometimes and and bond with friends.
The past few months was all about blogging. And it was with blogging that I have found some friends that I could call “friends” beyond blogging.

Being with friends means that you all have something in common. And good thing I have friends whom I can share the joys of “clubbing” just like I did when I was in college.
Last Thursday, me and my friends decided to chill after a blogging event. It was the perfect night to “chill” and party.

GEB SuperClub

The newest “it” place to be in the “clubbing” district of Quezon City is at “G.E.B. SUPERCLUB. The newest party place that will surely revive the QC party vibe. It is also fresh with its fresh, new exteriors and distinct exteriors. It is so hip that you can party and dance the night away as they play the freshest tracks which the young and yuppies can both enjoy.

It is located at 184 Tomas Morato, Q.C. Bring the whole gang and choose which days (Ladies's Night Wednesdays, Model’s Night Thursday, THANK G.E.B. Fridays and Jampacked Saturdays).

What I always want to know when clubbing is how much they charge for “Door Fees”, Door fees is also known as “Entrance Fee”. Good Thing is they only charge Php150 with one free drink (local beers or Ice Tea).You can also reserve for your vip/couch seating with Php2000 consumable. If you’re a cocktail-drinker like me, you will be happy to know that G.E.B SuperClub also offers “Buy 2 Cocktails Get 1 Free” promo.

Silver and Blue are G.E.B SuperClub's theme colors
"Great Experiences Begin"
With barely two months in the clubbing scene of Q.C., it has gained popularity through its affordable local beers and drinks which only starts at Php49 each. That was a party-saver for me since we usually go have coffee after clubbing, so with G.E.B SuperClub being affordable solved my after-party coffee whims. We all have extra stash to spend on coffee (FYI, all of us love coffee + lots of chitchats).
DJ's booth

What I enjoyed the most  that night is the laser lights that they have. It adds a positive vibe while dancing. That night was one of the unforgettable night for me and my friends because it was our first to be “complete” in a “clubbing” mode. After that night we’re already planning to come back again. That was  fast I know, but who are we to think twice when we knew deep in our hearts that we enjoyed that night G.E.B SuperClub.
Originally, I intend to go their on my birthday which is tomorrow (January 13, 2012) but so sorry to know that they’re closed because it’s a Sunday.

Comfy Sofas 
I just hope their resident DJ will add more tracks since what really “clubbers” always look for is those fantastic and up-to-date tracks.
My sissy Ann Ville of - a True-blue party girl!!!

By the way, they’re also open for functions, you may call Erimar Ortigas (V.P for Marketing- cp# 09178860430.

More details below about G.E.B SuperClub
Facebook Page:
Address: #184 Tomas Morato Ave. Q.C.

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