Monday, January 7, 2013

Jack Reacher: Tom Cruise Stars In different kind of “Hero” Movie

What’s your idea of a Hero? When I was invited to the advance premier of the movie “Jack Reacher” and read what’s the movie’s gonna be all about, I asked myself what basically is a hero?

For me a Hero should possess courage, sense of dignity and a man of his word. I know a lot of you will agree that some may feel the same way.

If you’re gonna ask if the movie is another “hero” kind of movie, I would say yes but with a different approach.

Jack Reacher is a comeback from  Hollywood’s favorite, Tom Cruise. Incidentally Tom Cruise also co-produced this movie.

Here’s a little info about the movie “JACK REACHER”.

On a mundane morning in an average town, five people are randomly shot dead while going about their everyday lives. All of the evidence points to one man: A sharp-shooting assassin who is also an ex-military, a trained sniper. He is swiftly apprehended and dragged into custody. Despite a marathon interrogation, the prisoner offers up nothing except a cryptic demand he scribbles on a notepad in lieu of a confession: GET JACK REACHER.

By the time Reacher arrives, the accused killer lies in coma, thanks to a brutal beating during transfer, and his defense attorney (played by ROSAMUND PIKE) is loaded with questions for Reacher: What is her clients history with Reacher, and why would he request help from a man convinced of his guilt? Despite some trepidation, she honors her client’s request and hires Reacher to investigate.This is where the pursuit for truth starts. This movie is based on ONE SHOT, the 9th in the series of Reacher novels.

I know for those who read the book will ask why start in the middle of the series?

Producer Granger says,” One Shot is perhaps the most cinematic of all the books. Within the novel are presented several elements that we thought were important in a first movie. First I think it’s got one of the very best introductions for Reacher- it’s a great way to bring him into the plot that’s already in motion. But secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, there’s dilemma for him. He comes into the story believing one thing, and then has to realize that the facts are perhaps pointing in a different direction.

This movie is so far the most-promising one for a come-backing actor-cum producer like TOM CRUISE. As I watch the movie I kept focusing and concentrating on the plot of the movie, but just like I know you'll in suspense as how the movie turns out.

JACK REACHER is will be shown in theaters near you starting January 9,2013. JACK REACHER starsTom Cruise as Jack Reacher, ROSAMUND PIKE (Helen Rodin as the District Attorney's daughter in charged as the counsel-in-charge for the accused JAMES BARR (played by Joseph Sikora), David Oyelowo (Detective Emerson).

The movie is produced by Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner, Gary Levinsohn and Dana Goldberg. It is released by Solar Enetertaintment and United International Pictures.

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