Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mister Donut New Offerings for 2013: Doubles The fun with our Impromptu Donut Party

Happiness is what we all wish for our families, friends and even acquaintances. Happiness is being contented with what we have, may it be in the form of material things or not. Happiness is not about how many gadgets you have or how many thousands of Facebook friends we have right now. For me it is about how many people have smiled because of the deeds we have done.Happiness is sharing the gift of love, kindness and gratefulness,Happiness is seeing the positivity despite adversaries that may happen our way.

We are what and how we define what makes us really happy. Happiness is not something we can just buy in the nearest store. It’s not just having so much money to spend, but seeing beyond those things that money can buy. And what can it possibly be? For me, those things are the things that money can’t buy like the smiles you see on your loved-one’s faces. It’s all about the laughs and stories that you all shared with.

And that’s what I saw in my loved-one’s faces when I went home with a lot of Mister Donut goodies. This is what I’ve been anticipating all these time. Seeing their “sweet” smiles beaming is enough to know that the reason why they’re all smiles is because I have brought home some – not just “some”  but rather “a lot” Mister Donut’s Valentine Goodies!

Yeah I know Valentine’s Day is way too early to celebrate but last week is special occasion to celebrate with. My one only brother King visited our home with his girlfriend, Jhen and my kids love them both. You can only imagine their happiness when they knew that their Tito King (my brother’s name is KING) will be staying with us for a couple of days. I only have one brother for a sibling and he is a special person to me since aside from my paternal parents, he is the only nearest kin (aside from my own family). I’ve grown to a very small family and that makes me have more room to be especially drawn closer to him. Can you imagine not being close to your one and only sibling? That will be so weird,right? We may not that super close but I know I am his only “ate’ he can always seek help with, may it not be just about financial concerns but also with how will lead his life in the future. I may not be a “role” model ate to him but all I can say is that I’m his Ate who will stay with him all through out the good and tough times.Oh forgive me if  I’m becoming of a ‘melodramatic here. It’s just that, it’s been months since I last saw my brother. He has become busy with work the past few months, making my kids miss him more.

Last week I have a very important event to attend to and it’s in perfect timing that I can leave my kids at home since their Tito King and girlfriend, will be there to look after them. Felt so relieved knowing how well adjusted my kids are when their Tito is around. For my kids it means goofing and playing around with their beloved Tito.

So knowing how my younger brother will also look forward for me to be home (by the way. our age gap is 11 years-so imagine young he is still is –at heart!)-I know I have to bring some something to a family who’s anticipating for my return back home.

I was thinking what to bring home to my kids, younger brother and his girlfriend? Since I have to take into consideration that my kids love “sweet” treats- I’m thinking of buying a cake. But hmmm…for my kids it may mean there’s a birthday celebration—ah no, I don’t want send a wrong message there. I wanna take home something that will anticipate this coming “love” month. January has come by so fast- and everyone’s been prepping early for “Valentine’s Day.

I wanna see 3 things on their faces when they open the door-Bonding, Excitement and a very noble thought and that is “SHARING “ what I have as “pasalubong”.

 Our table filled with Mister Donut Goodies!
We have it, You name it-from Do-Chi, Bavarian Doubles and even Valentine Gift Sets
Instant Pre-Valentine Donut Party!

 Since I’m on a budget lately, the idea of bringing a cake home was dismissed. So why not bring them some Mister Donut Goodies. Mister Donut to my surprise which, they are ready for the much anticipated “V-day”. Upon visiting their store, I’ve seen 3 things I can bring home for my kids and the “couple” (my brother and his girlfriend”).

First thing is their newest product innovation “BAVARIAN DOUBLES. BAVARIAN DOUBLES are Mister Donut’s Donut “Filled-Twice”. Since Mister Donut is best known for their Bavarian-filled donuts,they innovatively created Bavarian Doubles which has two fillings inside. The Bavarian Doubles currently has 3 new variants: “CLASSIC BAVARIAN+CHOCO FUDGE, COFFEE BAVARIAN+CARAMEL BAVARIAN and CHOCO BAVARIAN+CARAMEL BAVARIAN. I’ve tried all 3 flavors and I must say I became a fan of bavarian-filled donuts.

The Mister Donut Bavarian Doubles

I used to shun away Bavarian-filled donuts as I think they’re too boring for my palate.But now they’re doubled with another flavor-it has made me think twice too! It will now “Double the Flavor and the Fun. Best for people who both love Bavarian and other Mister Donut flavors. No more choosing between bavarian and other flavors. You can now have both flavors at the price of one (Php13 each and Php 130 a box [10pcs] ) Lj and Zeus will surely my sweet treat as kids really love donuts!

With V-Day coming up real soon, I thought of buying Mister Donut’s Valentine Gift set. I know what you’re thinking.Yeah too early for me to give it as a gift. But there’s no stopping me in giving Mister Donut’s Valentine’s Day Gift set to my brother and his girlfriend. Better early than never-It’s a good idea to give it to them early as there might be no chance for us to see each other on Valentine’s Day-as they may be spending a date somewhere on that day,lol!

The Mister Donut Valentine's Day Gift Set Php165

The Mister Donut Valentine’s Day Gift set comes in 2 sets-one in 1 Heart-shaped tin can containing 6pcs Belgian Bites (another Mister Donut favorite),Heart-shaped Balloon and a stuffed-toy-all for Php 165 while you can also opt to buy it without the stuffed-toy for Php135 only. I know my brother’s girlfriend will be more thrilled to have it since she loves stuffed-toys.

 Guy to Girl: "Please Can I have some Belgian Bites too?"
 Girl to Guy: "Please, I'm warning you these Belgian Bites are all mine! Mine!"

 Well I have new buddy whenever I wanna stay up and alert!
The Mister Donut Coffee that comes in 2 variants: The Strong Coffee and the Creamy Coffee.
It's a perfect pair with the Mister Donut Belgian Bites!

The Mister Donut Belgian Bites is a must-try.
I even got a favorite: Belgian Bites in Cookies n' Cream!
and Oh by the way the heart-shaped tin cans that comes with the Belgian Bites are re-usable.
Good for keeping your little stuffs!

And last but not the least is buying “DO-CHI”. So easy to conclude that it might be “Donut+Buchi”. True enough it is a mashed up of Donuts and Buchi wit a variety of fillings. It will be a good alternatively for those who want to try a different “sweet” treat this upcoming Chinese New Year. It has 3 delicious and sweet flavor: Strawberry, Mango and Chocolate (sold at Php8 each and Php24 for a box of 3). I thought of buying Do-Chi since hubby is a fan of buchi and I wonder what will he say after tasting it ( jokingly I was making a mental picture of what will he say after having a bite of it-“buchi ba to’ or donut/ donut ba to’ o buchi” hahaha!).

My kids happily munching their Mister Donut Bavarian Doubles!
When asked what's their favorite Flavor?
You'll hear the word "ALL" in unison lol!
After all "kids" don't lie!

 Well I didn’t not get all of these Mister Donut Goodies if I have not tasted them. I am practically the one who knows which ones will suit my family’s sweet tooth.We all have the same taste-we don’t like anything too sweet so Mister Donut suits our taste without stashing our pockets too deep.

This is how dinner table looked liked! All yummy goodies from Mister Donuts. I have bought enough for my family to share with. I even have enough to spare/give to our very kind landlady. With a thankful smile on her face is enough to make me smile as well. The feeling that you have put up a smile with everyone around is just one leap to that feeling we all call Happiness.

 Aren't they a happy bunch of Mister Donut Bavarian Doubles?
 By the way these two boys loves the two Mister Donut Ambassadors

Ryzza Mae Dizon and Bitoy

I just felt I had to start the year (2013) right by being content with what I have, to be able to share a part of me to other people. I realized it’s just not always about “Me” but also about “Others”. And I think spending time with the ones I love is where I should start first.I should be spending time with them, bond with my kids, and make lasting relationships with people I truly care about.

Mister Donut has been around the donut industry for almost 57 years, so for a brand to be still up about is something we all have to take note. We are all part of the economic percentage known as consumers, and knowing about a particular is a must. With a brand that has established itself as a known Donut brand for every Filipino household, it takes pride in having its vision in imparting the values of Sharing, bonding and excitement.

So please for parents who are always busy just like me, don't forget to spend some time with your family most especially with the kids,kids at these ages tend to cherish these kinds life-events. Those do not taint in their minds.It lingers longer than most parents like us thought.

Happy to have shared these memories through my blog!


  1. I am a big fan of Mister Donuts..especially their belgian bites..thanks for sharing

  2. I like donuts since I was a kid. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love donuts, I really do kaya lang bawal na sa akin ngayon dahil sa diabetes ko. But I recommend Mister Donuts to everybody else. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  4. oooohhhh I love this! My brother loves bavarian so I think I'll buy one for him soon! Great post! I will definitely try Mister Donuts newest offer! :)

  5. I love donuts! Everytime I'm doing my errands, I always see to it na may Mister Donuts sa pupuntahan ko

  6. very delicious talga ang double filings ng mister donut panalo talaga u shud try dis guyz


  7. Nice post. Love Donuts! Lalo na Mister Donuts. I miss going to their Harrison Plaza branch hehehe there now you have an idea na how old I am. hehehe. Happy V Day!

  8. nagutom ako dito teh! sarap! :)

  9. kagutom naman. Wow ang ga gwapo ng kiddos!


  10. don't forget to post your names and contact nos. so that I can get in touch with you once you are picked as a winner. Thanks

  11. Those belgian bites look so yummmy!! Will try to but one this love month :)

  12. I love those Belgian bites. I'm not a fan of the bavarian variety, though.

  13. Iyeah Pepper their Belgian Bites are affordable and I'm loving the cookies n' cream variant

  14. I was really overwhelmed with Mister Donut's Valentine treats. A good deal for those who would like to take home these yummy goodies for their loved ones :)

  15. I love the donuts! For me whenever I feel stress, I take a bite of these yummy sweets! And I found myself relax afterwards. :)

    By the way, you have very cute kiddies! Nice one Jha! :)

  16. I love the pictures of your kids! :) Who says valentines is just for couples? :) Love Mister Donut's Valentine Treats! :)

  17. Maria Laarni BerdanFebruary 2, 2013 at 8:53 AM

    Mister Donut tastes good, kaya lang, only option kapag nakakakita ako nyan is to take it out/home. Sana magkaron pa sila ng maraming branches na may area to eat, parang tambayan or coffee break spot.

    More power to your blog and hope to see you again soon, yung mga biglaang pagkikita, hehe....

    - Maria Laarni Berdan,

  18. It looks like your kids had a fun time eating mister donuts

  19. Mister Donut's donuts are very affordable/cheap yet sarap naman. :) I can't believe they have too many new flavors now.

  20. Donuts are all-time favorite. They always go well with both hot and cold drinks.

  21. ang sarap, enjoy na enjoy mga batang kumain. perfect gift this valentines.

  22. I love the Celebration Cakes of Mister Donuts!
    They may be really sweet but it's always what I'm craving for. :D

  23. i used to eat too many dunkins on my childhood , perhaps the same reason why my teeth is really bad, so love them :)

  24. yummy bavarian!!! i so missin'g donuts!! have't try them for a long time now!! xx

  25. I love Mr. Donuts, their donuts are not just sweet but have healthy delicious taste.

  26. Seems like your kids enjoyed a lot. :)

  27. My fave donuts, Mister Donuts. Nakakabusog kasi.

  28. Ang sweet naman nito :) Haven't tried mister donuts in a long time. Hehe

  29. Donut is the best partner of coffee. :) I love Mister Donut! ;)

  30. it's been sometime since i last had a Mister Donut. It's my most preferred brand over Dunkin and my favorite is Belgian Bites

  31. Mister Donut has really been offering donuts for decades now and has evolve to suite the changing tastes and trends in the market.

  32. Damn, those donuts looks so yummy. I hope those bavarian doubles are still available.

  33. really like their belgian bites.. !!! and those photos are so cute!!!! :)

  34. I love the Bavarian Donuts especially Strawberry Bavarian <3

  35. i like the portion of two kids eating...

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