Friday, May 31, 2013

TENA Adult Diapers Partners with Healthway Medical Philippines to Support the Elderly Care Through the Aging Years

How time flies so fast. It is still clear to me how I remember my dear lola Nating. Yes, she is my grandmother and great-grandmother of my kids. I remember when I was a kid my lola always visit us here in Manila just to spent a few months with us.

Many years had past and I felt the need to see her. Even my mom  misses her a lot. But the problem is she's now too old to travel. My Tita Helen went back to Bacolod to look after her. How I wish Bacolod is just a few minutes away so I could hug and kiss her. 

She is not her active self any more. The elderly people are the ones directly affected of aging. This is just the right time that they felt that they are loved and being taken cared of. Good thing my Tita would always call and update us about her and how she's feeling. 

My tita told us that she's having a hard doing her ordinary bathroom activities (peeing and etc.). Good thing there's TENA . TENA is an adult Diaper that offers a full range of range of adult diapers with unique features that caters to the elder's delicate needs and their various incontinence needs. 

What's great with TENA is that it has partnered with my favorite "out-patient mall-based medical clinic", HEALTHWAY MEDICAL. Healthway Medical is the widest when it comes to branches with numerous specialty doctors housed under one roof. 

I told my aunt that I will be sending money transfer for my Lola's immediate needs. I also told her to buy TENA ADULT DIAPERS for her so that she could also avail Healthway Medical great offers for the Elderly.

With my grandmother using TENA ADULT DIAPERS, I'm assured that she's safe from bacteria because Tena Adult Diapers has an anti-bacterial core which prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and eliminates odors to provide freshness and comfort. It also has an " Aloe Vera" top sheet with "INSTANT DRYNESS" which allows faster absorption and drier surface so that skin is left. Her comfort is my utmost concern so all I want for her the best.

On its 3rd year of healthy alliance between TENA adult diapers and Healthway Medical, it will continue to give more perks gearing to every elder's wellness and health. How?

For every single purchase of specially marked TENA ADULT DIAPERS comes with a FREE HEALTHWAY WELLNESS CARD.

When you present this card to any HEALTHWAY MEDICAL preferred branch , the elderlies can enjoy discounts on selected dental procedures, dentures, laboratory imaging and diagnostic services, free catract screening, and consultation with a Primary Care Physician. 

Just what my lola needs-a check up from time to time to monitor her over all health. I was happy and relieved to know that there's a HEALTHWAY MEDICAL near my grandmother's house. Healthway Medical Bacolod is located at Teleperformance Bacolod satelite office: Bacolod Convention Plaza
Magsaysay Avenue Bacolod City Negros Occidental Philippines.

Wait there's more, not only my gets perks from the free Healthway Medical Wellness card, family members also (just like my tita)  will also get special discounts on selected dental prcedures, intense diamond peel, laborartory imaging, diagnostics and consultations.

For more questions about this unique offering from Tena Adult Diapers and Healthway Medical , you may log on at and or SCA HYGIENE PRODUCTS CORP. Philippines at 02-556-24-05.

Promo runs from February 15, 2013 to February 14, 2014. Redemption of Wellness card is valid until April 15, 2014 only. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 0713, Series of 2013.

To my Lola, one of my prayers is that you live long, stay strong and don't worry - me and my kids will visit you so that they can also hug and kiss you the way we always do when I was young. 

Please also visit TENA ADULT DIAPERS facebook page for more updates 
Healthway Medical Philippines at

Quality and Affordable Products of LAMOIYAn Corporation Makes Both Ends Meet for Homemakers Like Me

HOW far can you go with P5? Citing rising inflation rates, economic think tanks agree that P5 is the new P1 of today.

But for practical mom Edith Dimalanta from Malabon, she still finds the P5 in her purse valuable, especially every time she goes to a nearby sari-sari store to buy a personal hygiene item her family cannot live without. “Nakakabili pa din ako ngsachet ng toothpaste sa halagang limang piso (I can still buy a sachet of toothpaste for P5,)" she beams, "at yun ay ang toothpaste (and that'stoothpaste)."

With a product that's more affordable than other leading brands, she says that buying a quality yet affordable tooth care product remains possible for an average Filipino family like them amid rising costs of living.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

PureFoods FunStuff Nuggets To Perk Your Kid's Appetite

I won't be ashamed to admit but I also have one choosy kid when it comes to eating. He just eats what is "appealing" to him. He doesn't like pasta most especially if it's in red sauce. He only likes "sitaw" every time I cook sinigang. He only likes "potatoes" whenever I cook "nilaga". He seldom eats meat. That's my problem- I don't think it is a "balanced" diet.


12 Stone Music Festival Will Invade MegaWorld Lifestyle Malls Near You

Lately, I've been so happy with what's happening in the Filipino Music scene. So many talents that "shines like a diamond" which is just waiting to be discovered.

Yesterday, some of the "diamonds" had their launch at URBN Bar and Kitchen The Fort Taguig. The launched gathered some of 12 STONE Records' "Diamonds" like Barbie Almabis-Honasan, Kitchie Nadal (who by the way missed the launch because she was shooting an indie movie) band ROCKSTEDDY, Absolutely Play, Save Me Hollywood, and Ruth Legaspi.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LEVANTE Brings New Flavors to the EAST

Organizers of "premier" food-night markets  like MERCATO CENTRALE now brings a different and exciting foodie adventure "hungry" for new food experiences in the form of "LEVANTE".

 "LEVANTE" literally means "the East" has piloted its opening last Friday May 17, 2013 at Eastwood City Walk 2. The LEVANTE night food market is the "first" collaboration of the Mercato Centrale Group with MegaWorld Lifestyle Malls.

It was a very exciting Friday for Eastwood Mall goers since there were 30 of Mercato Centrale's best food vendors selected to showcase at LEVANTE. It is a mix of old and new exhibitors/vendors easch offering mouth-watering homemade food. Not only the popular vendors are her in the Levante but also your Pinoy Favorite street foods.

Here are the list of Food Vendors for LEVANTE 

  •  Auntie May's
  •  B Wings
  •  Carlo's kitchen
  •  Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
  •  Crispy Republic
  •  Dad's Mom's
  •  FMT Tacklings
  •  Hok Luk Seung Foods
  •  Juana Bowl
  •  Mama's Ihaw-Ihaw
  • Nacho El Mexicano
  •  Isa's Mongolian
  •  Schmidts' Gourmet Hotdogs
  •  Big Bob's Burger
  •  Sinangag Trip
  •  Manila Q
  •  Chicha ni Ron
  •  Gilipita
  •  Cakes by K
  •   Twisted Desserts
  •  Mexikanto Co.
  •  Eat My GF
  •  Union Market Bar
  •  Luchi Authentic Dimsum
  •  Edgy's Foodtrip
RJ Ledesma , one of the co-Founder of The Mercato Centrale Group is proud to have helped their regular vendors who started with them to find their niche like Manang's Chicken, Mochiko, Chuck's Grubberie, Mio Gelati, Spring by Ha Yuan, Merry Moo and etc.

So if you are near Eastwood City Walk 2 and craving for new foods to crave, visit LEVANTE every Fridays' Of May till June 2013.

For those interested to to become a food vendor in LEVANTE or any Mercato Centrale Group's Food Markets, please email:

More about Levante's Food vendors, upclose and personal--watch it out the

Hawk Bag Makes Me a SMART Mom

Summer came by so fast and in a few weeks time it's " Back-To-School" time! Yeah this is the time of the year when moms like me go "ga-ga" over "back-to-school" shopping.

My kids LJ and Zeus are already excited to go back to school that when I mention to them that we will be shopping for school needs like notebooks, uniforms, shoes and bag- they we're like so "Let's go now Mom!"

Saturday, May 18, 2013

JAG ORIGINS GRACED the Philippine Fashion Week 2013 with Project Runway Judge NIna Garcia

Project Runway and Marie Claire’s creative director Nina Garcia headlined the JAG ORIGINS show for the 2013 Philippine Fashion Week at the SMX Convention Center.

The renowned fashion journalist and style icon will provide a sneak preview of JAG ORIGINS – a series of talks on fashion, marketing and creative thinking that targets the industry and art/fashion students.

As the inaugural speaker of JAG ORIGINS, Nina brings to the fore her over two decades of experience in the fashion industry, whose highlights include being fashion director at Elle magazine for 17 years, and at Marie Claire for four years.

With degrees from Boston University and Fashion Institute of Technology, Nina has written four books about style, and presently hosts Decoding Style on AOL. She also enjoys strong following on social media, with millions of supporters on her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr accounts.

JAG also invited three of the country’s most promising designers Jerome Salaya Ang, Norman Noriega, and Jeffrey Rogador to create a special collection, which will be presented at the event to inspire budding creatives. Then, JAG ORIGINS will culminate with the launch of its Holiday 2013 collection, in a fashion show that features Ankle Cut Jeans for women and Stretch Denim for men.