Tuesday, May 28, 2013

12 Stone Music Festival Will Invade MegaWorld Lifestyle Malls Near You

Lately, I've been so happy with what's happening in the Filipino Music scene. So many talents that "shines like a diamond" which is just waiting to be discovered.

Yesterday, some of the "diamonds" had their launch at URBN Bar and Kitchen The Fort Taguig. The launched gathered some of 12 STONE Records' "Diamonds" like Barbie Almabis-Honasan, Kitchie Nadal (who by the way missed the launch because she was shooting an indie movie) band ROCKSTEDDY, Absolutely Play, Save Me Hollywood, and Ruth Legaspi.

The launch also highlighted 12 Stone Records upcoming event, which is the "12 Stone Music Festival".

12 Stone Music Festival aims to gather the youth and music-lovers of all ages to come together for a show of support and love for local music.

 Here are the 12 Stone Records Inc Artists joining this much-awaited music festival:


With Teddy himself of ROCKSTEDDY

Ruth Legaspi


Among the artists who's performing, I am excited with Absolute Play since they are the youngest in the this batch of artists. I wanna how they communicate or connect to their audience with the kind of music that they will be offering.

Above are just some of the of the artists performing at the "12 STONE MUSIC FESTIVAL" which will kick-off on June 7 EastWood (6pm), June 7 Lucky ChinaTown Mall (4pm) and June 9, 2013 at Venice Piazza McKinley Mall (7pm).

And behind this very brilliant 12 Stone Music Festival is Mr.

Owner and CEO of
12 Stone Records Inc 
Tommy Tanchanco

So who here are going on it's kick-off? Do let me know and it's high time that we support the local music scene and let their voices be heard.