Monday, October 14, 2013

IVI COLLAGEN NIGHT CREAM: My New "Overnight" Regimen to Battle Off Skin Aging

I have been out too much lately. Having said that I work in the "events" industry made me stay out late most of the time. And I know that it's not just my "physical" body which is at stake here. My skin as well.

Of course when the skin does not also get the much needed rest that it needs. But sometimes rest is not enough so tried to use a night cream to see if it helps.

This night cream is IVI PREMIUM COLLAGEN ANTI-AGING NIGHT CREAM. This is my first time to use a night cream. I've read before that Romans were even known to put Olive Oil on their skin to retain the skin's moisture.

PHP 1,250

How do we differentiate a night cream from a day cream?

Aside from the fact that "night" creams are used during the night, night creams used to be heavy and "pasty" when applied on the face. But now the good thing is night creams now are not like that anymore. And I can attest to that when I tried IVI PREMIUM COLLAGEN ANTI-AGING NIGHT CREAM.

It felt non-greasy when I applied to my face. It has a nice smell that will make you smell it more. A few dabs of it is already okay.

This one comes in 30grams and costs Php 1,250 (srp). Not bad for a night cream because most night creams I know in the market these days also costs around that much. More or less, it will last for a month and half. I know most of us "busy" and working moms don't have that "regular" regimen. But I realized as we approach aging, we really have to take precautions to delay skin aging (if not stop us from aging).

Here are some things you need to know about this revolutionary anti-aging product from Japan.


  • Designed to moisturize & repair your skin while you sleep.  
  • A Collagen infused night cream that is rich in anti-oxidants. It will smoothen the skin, reduce fine lines & wrinkles to give you a soft and youthful complexion.
  • Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen mixed with exotic Japanese ingredients formulated to give you smoother & younger-looking skin.
  • Egg shell membrane, which is a good source of collagen as well, helps repair damage skin cells when applied. 
  • The night cream is also infused with Licorice Root Extract that reduces hyper-pigmentation by blocking tyrosinase, a skin enzyme responsible for the pigmentation process. 
  • Reduced hyper-pigmentation soothe, clarify and brighten skin.
I've posted some photos of how I apply IVI COLLAGEN PREMIUM NIGHT CREAM every night:

First, it's much better if you cleanse it first with a toner. Aside from toning the skin, the toners also cleanses the clogged pores of your face.

After Cleansing the face, Dab the IVI COLLAGEN PREMIUM NIGHT CREAM all over your face. Make sure that you evenly applied it allover the face and neck.

Then after dabbing it on your face, spread it evenly in an upward manner, so that the skin of your face will not sag. After that, the face is ready for a night of rest.

The face will be moisturized even while your sleeping. No worries because it stain your pillows or bed sheets. Just make sure that it already absorbed by the skin.

I took this picture just this morning with no make-up so guys will get to see the difference. I slept late pa nyan ah:) lol . If you will notice it made the face more supple and radiant.

I was happy with results, at 32 ( yes I'm already 32 y/o), taking care of my skin is just "easy-peasy" with IVI RYO Products most especially with the new IVI COLLAGEN PREMIUM NIGHT CREAM.

For more information about IVI COLLAGEN PREMIUM NIGHT CREAM, Please visit their website :

About IVI PREMIUM COLLAGEN NIGHT CREAM, you may also check out their:


  1. Such an amazing product! And you look so pretty even without makeup! I must try this night cream! ♥♥♥

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  4. Nice review, do you still use the IVI night cream? Does it cause your skin to break out? Thanks so much