Saturday, November 30, 2013

My "Fast and the Furious" Crush Paul Walker Dies

Indeed, the first day of December 2013 is not all that happy for the "Fast and Furious" fans out there and most especially me. 

The "Fast and Furious" cast Paul Walker dies in a car crash today in California at the age of 40.

I fell in love with Paul Walker with his role as he was so dashing in the movie "The Fast and Furious". I love his role there as someone who would go along way and prove to everybody his love for his girl.

As i write this blog, I'm on verge of tears. I cannot imagine that i won't see him anymore in the future Fast and Furious movies.

It was also heart-breaking for us Filipinos because according to news he is on his way to a charity event held for the typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan victims here in the Philippines.

Paul Walker -You are forever LOVED!!!

To his family and loved ones...

He will be forever in our hearts....

For the meantime, will watch his movies and cry :(