Monday, December 16, 2013

4 Best Reasons Why I want to be a SYKESYERS

As people with different standards we often have thoughts on why a certain thing rocks or why it stands out among the rest. Yes and I do have that same standards in mind.

Just to share with you, a few years back when I was on a “job-hunt”, the BPO industry then was on its early-booming stage. I went to a call-center company which was located at Quezon City. I applied there because I passed their initial interview so the next phase was to go to their office and undergo a series of tests/exams to see if I’ll get hired as a “Customer .. . Evrything went well in the few hours as I passed their 13 kinds of exams and the simulation test. The next and determining part was their final interview. I was kind of feeling confident and positive at that time since I said to myself that I never get to decline to any job I have previously applied. At the final interview I was asked about what are my dreams and etc. I said to myself that, “Wow these are pretty simple questions”. But after a few minutes I was called back my interviewer and was told I didn’t get the job. I felt so down that time. Who wouldn’t?

After that experience I said, I will never apply again in aBPO-related company. It was a trauma for me-YES!

And just like anyone who has a bad experience, things has changed. How and when? That was until I attended the SYKES Year-End Celebration2013 Party last December 15,2013 at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia.

The party was attended by roughly 9,000 ++ employees of SYKES PHILIPPINES. I was even glad to meet the it’s very nice Vice President for Operations, Mr. Dean Van Ormer.

Mr. Dean Van Ormer said, “What I love about SYKES PHILIPPINES employees is your PASSION, You have always shown great passion in and out of work. That is why we have a great 2013”.

VP for Operations Sykes Philippines 
Mr. Dean Van Ormer

I have felt the sincerity in Mr. Dean Van Omer’s words as he spoke of it. Most of the time what drives most of the employees to work hard is that knowing your company believes in what you are doing. Sometimes it’s not about how much you will be earning from your work. Money does not always play a deciding part if you are not going to work harder or not. For me it’s all about being commended for what you have always worked hard. So hearing a big boss like that of Mr. Dean Van Ormer speak of how he lauded their employees being passionate of their work is one big boost for his employees to even work harder. And that is one of the Top 4 reasons why I think Sykes Philippines is still growing in numbers in terms of manpower.

The second reason is that they continue to expand- one proof is the newly open site, SYKES Glorietta. Sykes Glorietta is the first call-center that offers highly supportive facilities from the lighting, chairs and etc, making it more conducive for their employees to work at.
The 3rd “most” rocking reason for me why SYKES Philippines is still one of the best BPO Companies here in the Philippines is the fact that raised and donated 2 Million pesos to help rebuild the affected provinces of Tacloban and Samar. It was actually a small amount compared to other donations but it still helped a lot. For a multinational company to donate and raised awareness in its employees is enough to know that they are really a company not just after the profits.
The 4th reason is that SYKES Philippines recently awarded its 200 employees for their loyalty and commitment, in which 7 of it were their employees for already 15 years. The 193 employees were on their 10th year as “SYKESYERS”.

Giniling Festival rocking the crowd with their songs

These are just of the many reasons I found why I suddenly wanted to work in a call-center again despite the “trauma” I had a few years. After all there’s no harm in trying my luck again.

The SYKES YEAR END Party 2013 was a blast. Six mainstream bands performed that night including show-opener, UP DHARMA DOWN, GINILING FESTIVAL, KAMIKAZEE, EBE DANCEl and ITCHY WORMS. The party was hosted by seasoned and dashing host Drew Arellano and model/host Kat Alano.

The party did not just stopped with its MUSIC FEST and over-flowing food and drinks, SYKES PHILIPPINES also raffled to their top referrers a MITSUBISHI MIRAGE. Earlier this year Sykes launched their Employee Referral Program where in it gave big chances in taking home a brand new car that night to one lucky referrer.

Indeed Sykes Philippines is among the BPO-related companies that we all should look out for. Their continuing passion and commendation to their employees will soon even bear more fruits by hiring more employees (and that means more working opportunities for Filipinos) and more sites to open to accommodate their ever growing number of employees.

To SYKES and SYKESYERS Congratulations to another fruitful year and more sites to open.


  1. Congratulations to Sykes. I'd like to be part of your strong company but part time only. :-)

  2. I enjoyed the party..
    It wasnt as big as last year but yeah, Sykes can throw in a great party anytime.
    Kat Alano ang Drew Arellano was perfect for the host.

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