Friday, October 17, 2014

Your Favorite Ventriloquist "Kuya Mau " Joined It's Showtime's PINASIKAT !

When I was younger , I love it when my mom would tell me that I got an invitation from one of my kiddie friends. Birthday parties for me means- Food, Games, prizes and of course a Magic Show.

Just like any other kid, I would be more than  willing to go back to my seat when the magician ushers us because it means half hour to an hour time full of laughter and priceless kiddie entertainment.

I work on a 3am-12nn shift. Oh by the way your resident blogger here is a technical support agent already and it has always been my routine to watch "It's Showtime" (ABS-CBN noontime show which airs 12:30am -3pm)

When I clicked on my tv , a familiar face has caught my attention. During that time the segment is PINASIKAT- It's Showtime's newest talent segment which caters to Filipinos with Amazing talent and never-before-seen acts.

Guess who was at my tv screen strutting his act -- KUYA MAU. For those who's not familiar with his name "Kuya Mau" but very familiar with his acts, Kuya Mau is one of the sought-after Magician, Ventriloquist, Puppeteer, Party-Host

Here's Kuya Mau's Video Clip/ taken at his performance at It's Showtime.

Kuya Mau is very well-known to be among the best when it comes to providing children with educational entertainment. I am so glad to see Filipino ingenuity being shown on a local talent show. It means that you dont always have to do random dangerous acts just to so people will appreciate your talent. It amazes me as well that our audience now what real entertainment is. It is also a nice practice since the younger audience will not define talent just by a one dangerous act. The New Media nowadays plays a big role on how it will mold our future citizens so it is really best that as early as now that we should be able to let our kids know what are the different kinds of entertainment.

Last year we were able to get Kuya Mau's services and pretty much we can say that it' s really worth getting him as our finale for my nephew's party.

One of Kuya Mau's Clients.

Kuya Mau's act consists of 6 puppets that he developed Lolo, Momoy, SpongeBob, Barney, Shorty The Orangutan, and Teo The JazzMan. I'm sure you will all love these funny characters.

Teo The JazzMan


Sharing this blog post is making me wanna organize my very own party with Kuya Mau as one of my guests on my upcoming birthday. Sounds crazy ? But hey it's true , it's never too late for me to fulfill my long time wish to have my very party with Magician and Puppet Show on it. One off my bucket list ..hooray!

I f you too, just like me, wants to create their very own kiddie party and give your guests a very kid-friendly entertainment that is not just for kids ... KUYA MAU is just one phonecall/text away... Kuya Mau's contact details is found below:

Mobile# 09195557752
Landline # 9430531

Or you may also send me a private message on Facebook, just add and search Ja Nese or Kuya Mau .