Sunday, June 12, 2011

Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant ready to set your tummys on FIRE!


Are you a discriminating and adventurous diners? Is your family have varied tastes when it comes to dining out and have a hard time deciding where to dine-out? Just like these group volunteer firemen, 10 out of 70 members and all of Chinese decent, would always hang-out after drills to talk and eat in different restaurants. as always they have a hard time to choose where to eat as each of them had their own preferences for the day. Given their varied tastes, but all leaning to towards fresh and familiar Oriental Cuisine, they decided to open an establishment that serves various Asian specialties along with their after-drill comfort food. as heaven has sent him, Chef Joseph a friend of these firemen buddies, had just came home from his stint as a chef from Japan and in Korea. Chef Joesph was the one who put up the menu and scoured Manila's market just to make sure the restaurant serves fresh ingredients to their customers. After many months of food tasting with their families,finally ASIAN TWIST FUSION RESTAURANT was opened to the public.e

Last June 2, 2011, Asian Twist Celebrated their 2nd year Anniversary. And I was glad I was part of the bloggers invited to celebrate this momentous 2nd year anniversary with the owners themselves.

From L-R ( William de Guia, Charlie Serdano, MJ Serdano, Paul Gruba, Irving Sih, and Cody Ramirez)

Thank you to all the owners for a warm welcome, most especially to Ms. MJ Serdano, who charmed her way through their flavorful and unique dishes. And for being so approachable and pretty in your own way!

Me and Ma'am Mary Jane Serdano, one of the owners.

Irving Sih

William de Guia

 Paul Gruba

 Charlie Serdano

 Cody Ramirez

I had fun that day because aside from being volunteer firemen by day, these owners had so much charisma just like the food they offered to us during the anniversary. All the dishes below are certified bestsellers in their own fusion cooking.

Sesame Rice Tataki (2pcs.) P95

Sukiyaki Bibimbop P220

Caine's Bagnet Chahan (Family) P275

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup P285

Tofu Meatball Soup (Family) P225

Crispy Pork Knuckle P550

Grilled Chicken Crepe P185

Calvin's Twist Guisado P275

Korean Beef Side dish P75

Steam Fish Fillet w/ Garlic Veggies P220

Hongkong Chicken (Half) P255

Mj's Delight-- a new addition to their dessert line, a mix of cream with banana and mango topped with layers of Cheese. 

The interiors of this restaurant might be deceiving but I can say that their food menu is truly worth the travel. I must confess that the area  of this restaurant is a bit far from where I live but when I tasted their food, I'm quite impressed because most of their servings are good for two. And I won't have a problem if my family has different cravings on our visit here since they offer Korean, Japanese, Chinese and oriental cooking. And we can choose a wide variety of dishes in their menu given the varied taste that we will have once we visit the place. I'm planning to comeback again here to celebrate Father's Day and I know that me and my family will share stories about the different dishes that we will be trying out here on Father's Day. So AsianTwist Fusion Restaurant , be ready as we raid your place on Father's Day!!!

If you want a new place to dine or just tired of the ordinary and the same dishes offered , you may visit ASIAN TWIST FUSION Restaurant at this address : # 101 N.S Amoranto cor. Speaker Perez Street Quezon City. For Food deliveries, please call tel nos. 7112248/5591477. 

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