Sunday, June 26, 2011


Back in College Days, me and my college friends celebrate each term with a drink. We drink because it's a way for us also to bond and recount what has happened over the term. And now that I have a family of my own, I still have time time to catch with college friends and we reminisce old memories by catching up and drinking with alcohol. I'm not saying that it's good to drink at all times but its never bad to drink once in a while especially if you just want to bond. and that's what GSM BLUENIVERSITY is telling us through this yearly campaign.

GSM BLUENIVERSITY is a hands-on and fun-filled program and workshop that teaches anyone how to mix drinks and flair-tend like a pro in a leisurely environment. Before it was just a trend and now it has become a yearly program by GSM BLUE. It's goal is to educate HRM students, future bartenders and bartenders-at-heart on how to become confident , knowledgeable and capable in the realm of bartending.

To give us an idea as to how they do it every year GSM BLUE invited members from the blogging community and experience the basic in MiXing of drinks and Flair tending.

One of the Finalist of last year's GSM Blueniversity gives us some of his insights about social drinking.
               What is the most loved cocktail drink in the world? answer: MARTINI !

Me and some of my bloggers are listening intently on the discussion.

Some of the others sister products of GSM BLUE.

Last year's Finalist as he was making Martini.

The bloggers were given also the chance to mix their own cocktail and give it a name as well!

Rowena Iguis as she was enjoying the flashes of cameras attuned to her!

Well I do love these signature shakers from GSM BLUE!

Some of the GSM Mixxers which can be use to concoct your own drinks!

You can also mix GSM BLUE with these Magnolia Fruit drinks to make your own punches at home.

Since GSM BLUE is a hit because of it's sweet and smooth taste , I think all the bloggers enjoyed attending the GSM BLUENIVERSITY mixology event. It has enlightened us that there's no need to intoxicate ones self when drinking, one just have the right information when drink and most of all enjoy it!

Thank You GSM BLUE for inviting us to  be a part of GSM BLUENIVERSITY!!! We all had fun!

For more infos and updates you may visit their Fanpage here --->

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