Friday, November 4, 2011

Alfahkr’s Persian Food: Persian Food Satisfaction!

I am not that familiar with Persian food but when me and some blogger friends got the chance to visit Alfahkr’s Persian Food, I was more than curious to go! The only Persian food I know is SHAWARMA so a visit to Alfahkr’s Persian Food is a good Persian food itinerary for someone like me who doesn't know Persian food that much.

Alfahkr’s Persian Food is humbly located at72 Maginhawa St. Q.C. This street is a strip of various restos and dining places. But Alfahkr's uniquely the only place that serves Persian food.

Here are some of the favorites that I will be recommending you to check out once you get to visit the place.

Grilled Persian Chicken (Php 90)
It tastes like curried chicken then grilled. This is good for those who would stick on their diet.
But it also comes with rice if you want just add Php 12 (plain rice) or Php15 (buttered rice).

Keema  (Php60)
Sauteed ground beef in special spices.
Lamb Chop (Php165)
It's an Australian lamb basted in marinade and grilled to goodness.
I really enjoyed this one. As for my own version I ate with Pita Bread (Php10 additional)
and put on a lot of Garlic sauce and Chili.

Beef and Chicken Kebab w/ Rice ( Php125)
This is for those who wanted to eat both beef and Chicken Kebab.
This is a certified tummy-filler!

This is what I got for my drink! After all the chili and garlic sauce ,this is indeed the the ultimate thirst 
quencher. Their YOGURT SHAKES (comes with three flavors Strawberry,Mango, and Plain)
for only Php60.
 This is how they grilled the Kebab and lambchop. Oh I can hear my stomach growling again just
seeing these photos again, I'll be coming back again soon!

By the way these are not just what they serve. Read the list below so you'll know what to order on your visit.

  • Beef Kebab (single) Php 70
  • Beef Kebab (double) Php 120
  • Chicken Kebab (single) Php 75
  • Chicken Kebab(double) Php 130
  • Beef and Chicken Kebab (double) Php125
  • LambChop  Php 165
  • Chicken Curry Kebab (single) Php 85 (double) Php 140
  • Beef Currry Kebab (single) Php 80 (double) Php 130
  • Shawarma Php 65
  • Beef kebab wrap (single) Php 70, (double) Php 110
  • Chicken kebab wrap (single) Php75 (double) Php 120 
Single Orders
  • Beef Kebab -Php 60
  • Chicken Kebab- 65
  • Grilled Persian Chicken -90
  • LambChop -155
  • Keema -60
  • Grilled Tomatoes & Onions -40
  • Falapel- 55
  • Plain rice -12
  • Buttered Rice-15
  • Yogurt Shakes 
comes in three flavors : Strawberry, Mango and plain for only Php60.
  • Ice tea -php 30
  • Ice tea pitcher- php 65
  • Fruit Shakes- Mango and Banana -Php 45
For me at Alfahkr's  Persian Food , you can pig-out already especially if you are on a budget because their meals are not that pricey. And also they can also cater to small groups with a budget of Php3,500 and up.

And by the way guys they also can deliver if ever you just came home from work and tired. Just call these numbers: 697-9071
And like them on Facebook here for more updates about them.

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  1. mukhang masarap!!! def a place to go and hang out with friends with mahaba-habang kwentuhan. :) thanks for posting the price :)