Tuesday, November 15, 2011

IMPRESSCA: No Guilty Pleasures Only the Best and Healthy Alternative Lifestyle

Do you like veggies and “greens” like lettuce? Me, I love them. Greens for me are my “feel-good” comfort food. Admittedly before I don’t’ eat veggies.  I still remember way back when I was still a kid, whenever mom would cook Pancit or Sinigang, I would make sure I have segregated the vegetables from that dish before you could persuade me to eat it. But as I grew older, I slowly embrace the truth that vegetables are delicious too. And yes I also encourage my kids to eat vegetables. And eventually just like them, I also like eat vegetables along with my favorites dishes.

And lately if I’m not at home or out on an errand, finding a healthy place to eat is hard to find. Yes, there are a lot of good places to dine but adding the fact that for me to consider eating at that place, there should be healthy food to choose from their menu.

And that’s where IMPRESSCA made it easy for me to dine.  Impressca is known to served healthy dishes that are bagful of flavor. They don’t sacrifice taste for profit. Their salads go beyond the boring and usual set-up. Diners like who just like to their salads their  “own” way will be happy to know that IMPRESSCA offers the “ LOAD-ALL-YOU-CAN” SALAD for only Php99. And from what I’ve observed from their menu is that  they don’t serve a bunch but they made sure that all that’s in is healthy.  I am sure you will like their Paninis, Pasta and drinks. But being healthy is not all “greens”, they also serve savory meat dishes  and brown rice dishes.

The owner Ms. Elizabeth Echano-Alfane shared that she started IMPRESSCA right before graduating from her entrepreneurial course.  And until now She continues to be inspired by what the late environmentalist, Odette Alcantara has taught her, “LAHAT AY MAGKAKAUGNAY” (everything is interconnected) and the acronym “L-A-H-A-T” (which means Lupa (land), Araw (sun), Hangin (air), Ako (me),Tubig (water).
At IMPRESSCA you get to eat healthy, you also get to help. HOW? Under IMPRESSCA Green Card program, for every Php200 purchase, you support local farmers and contribute one tree seedling in their behalf. That’s great right? You get to eat healthy and help at the same time .That’s hitting 2 birds with one stone.

With IMPRESSCA they not only promote eating greens but they also encourage us to shift to a healthier lifestyle and protect our environment as well. When you dine at IMPRESSCA, you will notice that they don’t use plastic for their utensils and they also practice the “segregation” of their trash and make compost out of it. You must be asking where to use the compost that they have gathered? IMPRESSCA grows and cultivates their own vegetable garden and that’s where there compost goes. So in the end, there’s no waste at all.

Want to eat healthy? IMPRESSCA has already 5 branches. And these are : IMPRESSCA Mother Ignacia in front of ABS-CBN, SM san lazaro, SM Cubao in Cyberzone, UP-PGH Taft in Medical Arts Bldg. and soon to open at SM CITY North Edsa The Block .

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