Monday, November 14, 2011

KOALA'S MARCH : The A-B-C's Behind Every Kid's Delicious Snack

Do you know that these yummy Japanese snack were once the snacks, that my aunt who lived in Japan use to bring home to me when she's in the Philippines for vacation? Yes these are the snacks that I would like to share with my 2 kids too! I am positive that these yummy chocolate filled biscuits  will also bring smiles on their faces. So along with these yummy treat I also want to teach them the A-B-C's to every KOALA'S MARCH Character, just like our very own A-B-C's too!

K-O-A-L-A Stands For...

Learn about the cute and playful Koala with five interesting attributes that describe just what kind of creature it is!

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Though it may seem a bit odd to some, describing an animal, especially a Koala, with a human attribute such as kindness is totally justified.  Koalas are kind animals simply because they are herbivores. Big word, right? Being herbivores mean Koalas eat nothing but plants or leaves—Eucalyptus leaves to be precise. This means Koalas don't harm other animals or hurt them in any way for food. They are calm and harmless and their only weapon against aggressors is to growl. Though sometimes fierce in their own way when their safety is threatened, Koalas never hurt humans or fellow animals and pretty much keep to themselves (they prefer to live alone!) in their natural habitat.

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The Koala is like no other animal in the animal kingdom. Though its slow movements are similar to the Sloth's, there is no other animal that resembles the Koala!  Koalas have pear-shaped bodies that help them maintain their balance while perching on tree limbs. Despite their plump bodies, they are excellent climbers so they can climb smooth tree trunks easily and quickly, and are also good swimmers who cross rivers to get away from floods and predators. What is even more offbeat about the Koala is that despite its climbing and swimming prowess, they move quite awkwardly on the ground.

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To be aromatic means to have “a strong distinctive fragrance” and our little furry friends are extremely aromatic! No, they don't smell unpleasant. In fact, they have a very comforting smell which is the aroma of the Eucalyptus leaves they eat all day so they smell a bit on the “minty” side.

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A word that may not be common to one's vocabulary, “languid” is to be “lacking in vigor and vitality.” Koalas are so languid that some people think they're lazy because they sleep so much or because they seem to move in slow motion. They certainly don’t ever seem to be in a hurry. But, there is a very good reason for such behavior: Eucalyptus leaves are low in nutrients. Even though Koalas eat a lot of them, the leaves don’t provide them with much energy. So koalas conserve their energy by moving slowly and getting plenty of sleep. Lucky Koala! 
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One attribute that makes this animal so amazing is its thick gray fur, which is so thick that it’s almost waterproof. Their fur changes to adapt to the different temperatures in their environment. Their woolly waterproof coats keep them warm in cold weather and dry when it rains or when seasons change and the weather warms up, they shed some of their fur to stay cool. It’s like the Koala has its own multi-purpose clothing collection, ready for any type of weather! 

Given these characteristics of Koalas, it is no wonder that many people get hooked on another interesting Koala—Koala’s March biscuit snacks, that is.  

Koala’s March, with all its flavor and goodness packed into small biscuit sizes, is best when shared with friends and family—and all those you love. 


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