Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tokyo Cafe: Not your Ordinary cafe'

Want a cozy ambience, delicious food but with a unique Japanese beverages that will surely leave your taste buds in a refreshing awe? Well look no further because that what absolutely TOKYO CAFÉ has to offer its hungry foodies.  Foodies of all ages will surely enjoy their experience once their taste buds set on the varied TOKYO CAFÉ Menu.

They also have that cozy ambiance that you may want ro browse the books on display!

I myself had a refreshingly different experience at TOKYO CAFÉ. For once I ate a “Guaranteed food and service “ satisfaction. How ?
 For one…… 

  • Tokyo Café is different from other Japanese-inspired rivals because they have a wide array of beverages and desserts . 
  • The menu has itself differed because of their first class fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine.
  • At first look outside the Café it may look plain but once you entered the place , you will be greeted with a more laid-back environment for any age and at the same time enjoy the sumptuous food. 
  •  Tokyo Café is not just a café .It is a café which can offer you more than your ordinary coffee and tea. It  can also offer from soups and salads as starters to your Japanese rice toppings in Ju-Box to quick-bite merienda of Burger served with fries as ¾ inch thick to dinner as well.

Oh I was so delighted with my visit there that I’m still tongue-tied about it. I cannot describe it with just one word but I guess my photos of their food and place will tell more what TOKYO CAFÉ once you guys visit them too!
Once seated, my two boys eagerly opened the menu and they were excited to point at all the food that they saw in it. As they turned the pages, they kept on saying I like these and that (as if they could eat everything. With a little bargaining with them (honestly, I can’t wait to try all of it too! So I kind of know the feeling, hihihi!) I ordered MIX FRY SALAD (Php211) for me, Chicken in a BASKET (5pcs-Php317) for my two boys, Yoshi’s Burger (Php 181) and a Coffee Jelly Smoogee (Php131).


I ordered this salad because I love eating greens. This one of food I look for when I browse the menus.So Luckily for TOKYO CAFE' being a Japanese Fusion Cafe' because I won't order anything with out this. I was amazed because their servings here are awfully big for an order. I thought this would just come on a small plate. But I was wrong . It was served in a bowl. And the Lettuce in particular were so fresh! An order of this can serve to people already. An order good for sharing! My son also ate the mixed seafood fry on top leaving me with the veggies to much. No worries for me because I vowed to come back!

Chicken in A Basket Php (Regular 5pc. 317)

The recipe for this chicken is so good, even my eldest kid had to eat all of it (with fries included)! I wonder what they do with it to taste this good! You can even share this with 2 of your companions. This is perfect
 for me and my two boys since we always dine out together.

 Yoshi's Burger Php 181
Juicy Beef Burger Patty, cheese, onion, lettuce,toamto and meat sauce

I never got to take a shot of my actual order of these because my son wanted to eat it at once. I could say kids can actually determine what's a "good" eat from not. So be it!

These are the SMOOGEES, YOu cand find these on their DRINKS section and I opted to try the COFFEE JELLY blended in ESPRESSO (Php 131). This is so yummy! It was even filled with lots of jelly compared to other coffee jelly concoctions I have tried.

Almost all of their food in the menu is good for sharing so I don't mind if it's a bit pricey because it's worth the price. You can also add GARLIC BREAD (Php 30) or Steamed RICE (Php 38) on every food order.

Wait there's still one thing I like about TOKYO CAFE' is the variation. They have a lot of add-ons that you mix with food that you will order.

But since we are Rice-lovin' country, TOKYO CAFE' shares the love with their 2 newest offering : THE JAPANESE FAIR!


  • UNA-JU (Php 393)
-Pan fried eel fillets topped w/ caramelized soy sauce over rice .
  • KATSU-JU (Php 240)
-Deep fried breaded pork cutlet flavored w/ signature tempura sauce, onions, leeks, 
& scrambled egg on steamed rice.
  • TEN-JU (Php238)
-Deep-fried tempura w/ signature tempura sauce w/ steamed rice.
  • KALBI-JU (Php241)
-Thinly sliced beef smothered w/ original yakiniku sauce w/ fresh garden salad.
  • OYAK-JU (Php 238)
-Sliced chicken in signature tempura sauce with onions & leeks mixed in egg or steamed rice

and THE TOKYO DRIFT ( for those who love Tokyo Cafe' and yet on a budget :))

  • Chicken ala-King
  • Hamburg Steak
  • Kalbi Steak
  • Pork Shogoyaki
  • Tokyo Boneless Chicken
  • Gyoza Burger Steak
  • Fried Chicken

All food items are in for cool amount of only a hundred bucks! So what are you guys waiting for , Just check out all the Tokyo Cafe' branches at SM MEGAMALL 3rd Flr Bridgeway, SM MOA, TOKYO CAFE' Go Hotel , and NAIA Terminal 3 branch.

They also have a Facebook page and visit here! I'm definitely coming back because Tokyo Cafe a lot to share !

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