Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ASIANNOVATION 2: Unleash The Asian Marketing Masters

Businessmen, Marketing strategists, students and even people who are into digital marketing can learn so much in the upcoming conference.
And to give you an idea at how big “ASIANNOVATION 2” is, here’s the list of guests speakers who are considered the biggest names in the Marketing world.

SEC. RAMON JIMENEZ JR. (Dept. of Tourism Philippines) will talk about “The Toughest Marketing Job in the World”

TAKUYA GOTO (President, Asian Marketing Federation- JAPAN), will talk about “The Rise of Innovation in Asia”.

HERMAWAN KARTAJAYA (Founder, Asian Marketing Federation –Indonesia), He will be the conference’s keynote speaker. Kartajaya  leads the asia-based management consultancy firm MarkPlus&Co. He is renowned in the marketing world for his brilliant strategic business concepts. He also co-authors the international marketing guru Philip Kotler, from the Kelogg School of Management  of NorthWestern University Illinois,USA, including the book “MARKETING 3.)” and “RETHINKING MARKETING: SUSTAINABLE MARKETING ENTERPRISE in ASIA”.


GREG ARMSHAW (Chief Technology Catalyst, McCann World Group –Singapore) will talk about “Harnessing the Power of Technology for marketing Success”.

TILAN WIJEYESEKERA (Deputy General Manager-Seylan Bank-Sri Lanka) will talk about “Crisis Marketing in Today’s Conetxt og Global Volatility”

ASHOK PATRO (Co-Founder, THOUGHTBUZZ-Singapore) ,will talk about “Measuring Brand sentiments Through Social Listening”.

JOSIAH GO (Co-Founder and Chairman, Mansmith and Fielders-Philippines), will talk about “Marketing Innovation That drive Business Success”.

KHIN NG (Founder and Director of Strategy, TANGIBLE –Singapore), will talk about “Building Winning brands and Driving Results”.

Prof. HOOI DEN HUAN (Director, Nanyang Technopreneurship Center, NTU –Singapore), will talk about “ Brand Turnaround: The Big Comeback"

EDDIE LEE (Managing Partner, iPay88 –Malaysia), will talk about “Capturing Profits Through FB: The Truth Revealed” Are you ready for the “upcoming and biggest” International marketing event of the year, dubbed as the “Asiannovation 2: UNLEASH THE ASIAN MARKETING MASTERS”. The two day eventwill be held at

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