Friday, June 15, 2012

DOC MCSTUFFINS is Disney Junior's New Kiddie Show

Having been a kid myself, I know how it feels to have my eyes glued to my favorite kiddie show! But educated as I was and a bit obedient to my mom, I always make sure first that I did my school tasks so that after it I could get lazy all I want.

I have two kids and both are in their 1st and 2nd grade in elementary school. Before they would watch tv all day but with all the fast uprising of tech stuff like online games, they began to have less time watching.
I got to know if there’s a chance that they will like to go back to their usual routine of watching their favorite tv shows. When? How? 

Simple! I brought them to Disney’s new TV show preview of ‘DOC McSTUFFINS”. Dottie “Doc” McStuffins is a 6-year old “toy doctor” with a compassionate heart and a knack for healing toys and stuffed animals around her neighbourhood. She has the ability to talk to toys once she puts on her stethoscope and run's a doctor's clinic for toys out of her playhouse. Dottie's trusted toy friends are : Lambie (the lamb who loves to cuddle), Hallie (a jolly Hippo receptionist) and Chilly (a hypochondriac stuffed snowman).

 Your kids will enjoy original songs sung by the characters such as "Time For Your Check-Up". At every episode also, Doc here gives advice to its young viewers about staying healthy.

 My two buys enjoyed the preview party of Do McStuffins that participated in the games and even gained new friends like Maia (cutey daughter of  (R0ckstarm0mma) and Chase (son of Chic Sassy Mom)

 And this Mommy-daughter tandem ADEE and Leira also made it to the Doc McStuffins Viewing Party!

This new Disney Junior original series always embodies their wish to communicate to the kids and teach them the importance of values suh as compassion for people and things and most importantly helping a hand to anyone who needs it.

So Moms and kids out there be sure to watch it as it premiers on JULY 9, 2012 9:30am only on Disney Junior.

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