Saturday, June 2, 2012

EVENTS: Because You Are a Whirlpool Mom

Mommies flocked to Whirlpool’s “Because youare a Whirlpool Mom” event at the Il Mercanti Food Bazaar in Metrowalk, Ortigasfor a fun-filled day of cooking demo, booth games, awesome raffle prizes,pampering treats and physical fitness, tutorials such as Zumba and bellydancing – all made especially for Moms.

The only spoiler that day is the weather. It's been raining all week and it have not spared the very successful post Mother's Day event of Whirlpool. Thank God it was held at Il Mercanti Bazaar because there were tents that will keep the moms and its participants wet.

Thank you to the overwhelming support of the following sponsors like:


Dermablend Soap and its sister company,Diana Stalder, understand the difficulties faced by devoted 24/7 moms as wellas working moms so they provide different pampering treatments to all mommyparticipants. Services such as facial cleansing, back massage and foot massageplus the chance to experience the luxurious Casmara facial masks for FREE!

Attendees can also avail of the 10 to 50%off on selected Dermablend soap and Diana Stalder products during the event.

Aside from making the moms feel pampered through the various services that they gave to moms , participating sponsors like SURF, DONA ELENA, GLEAM, ORCHARD and BABY FLO were also their and gave various products on each mom's loot bag for the event.

After the afternoon of fun and learning of the moms, Whirlpool was generous enough to raffle off 3 Major prizes, the Fujidenzo Microwave Oven, Fujidenzo Washing machine and the most coveted raffle prize, the Fujidenzo two-door Refrigerator.

Moms like me are so thankful to all the sponsors because winner or not, all participants went home with good bags full of products from the event partners.

Whirlpool, Diana Stalder and Dermablendsoap salutes all mothers “Because you are a Whirlpool mom”.

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