Wednesday, June 20, 2012

McDonald's BIG n' TASTY: The New Burger To Overwhelm Your Senses

Last June 9, 2012, something BIG and overwhelming was launch at McDonalds Makati Cinema Square.  For the first time in the Philippines ,McDonald’s has launched “ BIG n’ TASTY” Burger for its customers who were looking for that perfect mix of yummy flavours and textures in a burger.

Let’s face it burgers had been part of the dining experience of every Filipino. Just like me, I’m a burger fan and sucks me big-time when I ate it and my taste buds says it’s BLAND. Eating eat everyday may bore our senses.

 The McDonald's Big n'Tasty

But if you wanted a solution to that “bland-tasting” burger of yours, McDonald’s may have an answer to that. The new McDonald’s BIG n’ TASTY is made from the freshest ingredients available. It has 100% pure Beef “Quarter-pound” patty , with salt and pepper as its only seasoning, with creamy cheese, crispy lettuce , juicy Tomatoes, fresh onions tangy pickles and a special smokey sauce in between a sesame bun . Just writing my description of the new BIG n’ TASTY makes me crave another and have it with my favourite French fries and Mcdo Coke Float!!!

 Good thing my kids are with me that time, They want to thank McDonald's Philippines for this GIANT
 Coloring Book.

 The gang might have been completed if only Ronald McDonald is present.

McDo Big n’ Tasty Burger is a burger that can entice your sense of SIGHT: Just seeing how BIG it is OVERWHELMING, sense of Taste: with a new twist when it comes to taste most especially that it has that right blend of tangy, creamy ,savory and smokey blend sauce, sense of TOUCH:  Eating Mcdonald’s Big n’Tasty  will give your sense of touch the right balance of soft, crunchy and chunky with every bite Good thing, McDonald’s is just stone’s throw away from our house. I ‘ll be able to enjoy it “Ala-carte” for only Php120 or for that “overwhelming” deal try it with Extra Value Meal with regular Fries and Drink and pay only Php145 or with Medium Fries and Medium Drink for only Php165.

 My eldest (LJ) son's appetite is a "match" with the Big n' Tasty Burger since he likes his food BIG and TASTY too!

You can also order via McDo McDelivery and dialing 8-MCDO.I hope I catch on you guys eating the New and Overwhelming McDo Big n’ Tasty, tweet it at or share your photos at

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