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SM CITY San Lazaro: New Food Finds at their SM FoodCourt

One thing I really enjoy blogging about is food. I came from a family who loves to eat most especially when I was a kid. My mom would always cook food, the one you will always see in parties or special occasions like Kare-Kare or Pancit Malabon. She also cooks my favorite Spaghetti even though there's no special occasion.

Oh how I miss those occasions I have with my parents. Being invited to food-tasting events for restaurants has been always an amazing experience for me. Every dish that was serve in front of my very eyes were like a gastronomical art piece that I'm afraid to touch or eat. Having went to almost all of the best tasting Restaurants Manila has offered, still nothing beats a feasts shared with friends.

Along with my other Foodie blogger friends, we decide to go to SM City San Lazaro to see what they have in-store for their mall-shoppers since it's both  Manila Day and Father's Day celebration that weekend.

Last June 16, 2012 SM City San Lazaro commemorates the celebration of Manila as City. My group decided to check SM City San Lazaro since the " feel" of the Manila Celebration is much better celebrated if we went to an SM Mall in Manila. A day before that we already went to see the sale activities and Manila Day celebrations held in another SM mall which is SM City Manila (I'm going to write about our visit there on my upcoming post).

According to Wikipedia, Manila was first known as Gintô (gold) or Suvarnadvipa by neighbouring settlements, and was officially the Kingdom of Maynila. The Kingdom flourished during the latter half of the Ming Dynasty as a result of direct trade relations with China. Ancient Tondo was maintained as the traditional capital of the empire, with its rulers as sovereign kings and not mere chieftains. Manila's culture is so rich that it houses the "oldest" Diocese in the country, The Archdiocese of Manila.

There is so much culture and heritage one can see if you want to visit Manila. But for that particular day, our group decided to check out how "crazy' the sale is in  and what new food finds can we discover at the SM FOODCOURT of SM City San Lazaro.

Here's how big the savings if you visited purchased at SM CITY SAN LAZARO's 3-Day Sale (June 15,16,17, 2012).

The shirts are the Big "eye-catcher" when it comes SALE at SM CITY SAN LAZARO, most especially the shirts that you can get as "70%" lower its original price. With the amount of percentage of each item , most likely you will be able to buy a shirt for your dad, husband and even your dad-in-law if you have a Php500 peso budget for Father's Day gifts.

The second day day of the sale which is on a Saturday, good thing we went there a bit earlier because it isn't too crowded yet. We all arrive around a little past 2pm and after hunting for fab and yet "on-sale" items, we decide we have to reward our tummies!

Since most of us in the group are invited to review restaurants, we thought of trying SM City San Lazaro's SM FOODCOURT. We heard that there are new additions to these very neat and clean SM FOOD COURT. We decided to try all these new food stalls after all we deserve "food-tripppin" after rummaging the sale.

First off is The BOY BINATOG, which served as our appetizer.

 Boy Binatog is a new kiosk stall located at SM FOODCOURT of SM City San Lazaro. I'm sure a lot of childhood memories with these corn-based merienda will be revived. Binatog is a local deli made from corn and boiled till tender. It is sprinkled with salt and coconut shreds (niyog). Boy Binatog revolutionized the way we eat our  "Binatog". One serving has corn topped with coconut shreds with a choice of either cheese or milky topping. For only Php25, you'll get a nutritious merienda serving. No need to wait for those selling Binatogs with their bikes!

From L-R: CHICKEN and RICE Php 75 and Pork Oriental for Php 50
My Pao serves affordable Chinese meals. The winner for me between the two would be the Pork Oriental. 
This is a must-try since it's not bad for Php 50 worth merienda.

Friends Fries is in Sm City San Lazaro
If you lover of fries just like me, you'll gonna love FRIENDS FRIES. Friends Fries has becoming a new sought-after kiosk here at SM CITY San Lazaro for its "FRIEND"-ly prices too!
Their fries comes in 3 flavors too!- Cheese, Sour Cream and Barbeque

Known to the Foodcart Industry , Lugaw Republic invades SM Foodcourt and continues to get support from 'lugaw" or Pinoy congee lovers. I love their affordable and yet yummy lugaw and that wd be a perfect match with either Tokwa't Baboy and Lumpiang Gulay. Best chowed when it's piping hot!

Lots'a Pizza is a local Filipino enterprise known also for their delicious and affordable pizzas, so those for craving for a pizza break may grab a bite of their favorite flavors: GREAT MANHATTAN  14" for Php 279 and PURE BEEF SPECIAL (14") for only Php249.

Antonio's Coffee+Bibingka
Nothing beats Coffee when paired with yummy Pinoy deli like Bibingka or Puto Bongbong.
Take these yummy Bibingkas topped with Kesong-Puti and Muscovado sugar home for the family to enjoy. Who would resist Antonio's Bibingka when even the packaging is a royalty itself.!

Antonio's Bibingka+Coffee is enough for me to relax after an a day of shopping at SM CITY San Lazaro.

Antonio's is competitively priced so no need to worry !

Bibingka                        Medium       Large
Special                            75Php            95Php
Super Special                  85Php            85Php
Original                            95Php           115Php

Brewed                           50Php           65Php
Hot Choco Tablea           60 Php          75Php
Hot Salabat                     40 Php          60Php
Hot Tea                           40Php           50Php

SM FOODCOURT has a lot to offer it loyal diners. Customers can also enjoy the spacious dining area and while munching away, you can also their "wi-Fi" free and share your photos of the food you purchased at SM FOODCOURT .

Before I gorgot herte's the actual photos of the "crazy" sale!

At TOMATO (GREEN TOMATO for the men), Shirts are 70% off. You can buy your brother, Dad or Hubby almost 3 shirts for only Php500. Amazing right?

A we are celebrating Manila Day at Sm there's another special occasion that SM CITY San LAZARO is so proud to celebrate and it is FATHER'S DAY. At the activity Center of the mall, you will the 2 fab card which the "Hobbyist Dad" can look forward to. Your Dad's favorite tools are also on SALE!

So don't be fooled! SM City San Lazaro only looks like a boring mall from the outside but wait till you get inside it's bursting with activities for its loyal shoppers!
Don't forget to like them Facebook for more events and sales events as well! Don't worry if there's another great food find or a newstore that will open soon here in SM City San Lazaro, I will feature them here again!

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