Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sports: The Search for Teen Azkals is on!

In the recent years, the sports scene in the Philippines has been soaring higher. Just like boxing, if not for Manny Pacquiao’s harnessed prowess in the sport and the support that it got from Filipino fans, the Philippines will not be known for its “world-class “ talent.

However there’s another sport worthy of every Filipino’s support.  Aside from the Azkals successive feat; another “soon-to-be” Filipino pride is on the brew. The Men’s National  team through the good and efficient leadership of Dan Palami, guidance, renowned coaching of Michael Weiss, and most especially the advocacy  and faith to the whole group of Team Manager ALVIN CARANZA the players(U17-19) that they had scouted all over the archipelago manifests the formula for us to move further and be notice for the Filipinos’ ingenuity.

 Coach Aris Caslib (Technical Director for PFF).

But how does it sustain its success? Of course, with lots of Responsibility, Hard work, Practice and Tasks.
By the way let me just reiterate that I’m no expert in Football, so to enlighten everyone who reads this, below are what  should be enlisted to as to sustain the Sport.

A.)In the grass roots level, quality grassroots experts are needed in all 33 provincial football association to ensure the football activities are continuous with combinations of training, mind setting, practice competitions and festivals for the kids.

Grassroots experts must be trained by experts not only from our country but AFC (Asian Football Confederation) and FIFA.

B.)Coaches development must be sustained.
Last year, the first batch of Filipinos took the AFC A License level and resulted to 7 potential new A licensed coaches in the country.

According to Atty. Rolando Tulay, General Secretary-PFF, continuing education is needed for coaches as quality coaches produces quality players and quality players will give honor for the Philippines.

C.)Competitions from club level to age group competitions are needed, both for girls and boys and men’s and women’s team.

These activities will help cite and identify talent for future national youth teams. “National team development in any country is always based on the strength of grassroots and national youth teams “, TM ALVIN CARRANZA U17-19 said.

As a mom of two very active boys, I have been observing what sport they want to excel with. For one they like everything that has to do with balls. And one of the sports involving balls that they like is Football. I am on the stage where in I’m seeking the advice of these Football gurus like Coach Aris Caslib .
 I met coach Aris during the presscon for Teen Azkals. Let’s face it , enrolling your kids in a Football training school can be expensive, not to mention the gear  one must use when playing.With the Azkals as the leading motivation for every Filipino Football aspirant, I know every aspiring Football will be dreaming for himself and the country, to play and be the Pride of his country.

By the way for anyone who aspires to be part of the most anticipated football team, the TEEN AZKALS, the schedules will be as follows: 

NCR Selection 
 July 7 & 8, 2012 University of the Philippines in Diliman Quezon City

National Selection
 August 4-12, 2012 San Carlos City, Negros Occidental Football Grounds

 For updates about the Search like them at:

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