Saturday, March 17, 2012

Four New McFloat Flavors plus a new TVC with Xian Lim

Have you guys heard the song "I'm Walking on Sunshine" ? If not, I'm sure you'll do. You'll gonna even sing once you learn that the new endorser for The 4 New Mcdo Float variants is XIAN LIM.

I was really clueless yesterday when I was invited to the launch at MCDONALD'S El Pueblo. But of course with the ushering summer time who would ignore an invite saying that I will be among the first ones to try their new dessert line.

I love eating french fries, it is one of my to-go-to comfort food when I feel low . But it would be plus if I would eat it with one of my favorite thirst quencher Mc Float! Good thing I can now enjoy my favorite fries with a combo. For only Php 50 customers can get a regular Coke McFloat with Medium Fries while Php55 if you pair the medium fries with any of the four new flavors of McFloat!

Mc Float Summer Medley has four new exciting flavors to be exact: BLUEBERRY SPRITE FLOAT, GREEN APPLE SPRITE FLOAT, FOUR SEASON'S SPRITE, and HONEY BANANA SPRITE Mc Float. And the fab part here is that there's  no increase with their prices, still a catch at Php25. The only rising now is the temperature so be sure to hit at the nearest McDo Branch near you!

I'm sure my kids would love our McDo bondings because we both love eating fries with Mc Float plus seeing and hearing Xian Lim sing the new TVC of McFloat Summer medley.

This video was shot at University of Sto. Tomas, one of the oldest universities in the Philippines. More pictures here.

More photos of the launch here.

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