Friday, March 23, 2012

Jenni Epperson's Fashion + Food Book Launch

Last March 3,2012 I was invited to launch of Jenni Epperson’s Book Launch entitled “….

My only “online” encounters with Jenni Epperson is when I heard she is nominated for the Best Lifestyle Blog Award for NUFFNANG Blog Awards. During that time, her name already has recall to me in terms of Fashion and her being a Fashion Stylist. But it really never appealed to me that she is also into food.

Most of my entries in my blog were about my love for FOOD. So I can feel there’s a “connection” and Jenni’s flair for Fashion. So what entices me to cover the launch is how she was able to write about Food and Fashion at the same time. Food and Fashion are two different aspects and so for her to incorporate those 2 is altogether AMAZING plus the fact that she never gets fat out of blogging about FOOD and can wear any outfit and look FAB at the SAME TIME.

 Sometimes those are the things that puzzles me. But good thing she was able to incorporate and share what she knows about Food and Fashion in one amazing BOOK. Sorry Jenni , I might be boring u with a lot of the word “amazing” appearing all the time here in my post. I can be redundant sometimes most especially if someone or something amazes me. Come on (note to self) MOVE ON, hahaha!

Coming back about Jenni Epperson’s book, I can feel that she is a god storyteller the way she talks about her book during its launch. I can feel her passion and happiness sharing what she loves doing and putting it all into words and in a BOOK. And congratulations Jenni you have that rare gift ( making other people listen to what one says)

I’m happy to see her avid followers even buying the book, it just goes out to show that she has a following and her readers really support her. 

After launch, I felt I became a fan of her (oh gosh “ Me Already”) ! I’m gonna save up for her book and even promote it to my other friends. It is a must-have most especially for those people (like ME) who doesn’t really know sometimes what to dress in a certain event, what to prepare for a sudden guest who’s coming to your house, and how to incorporate FOOD with FASHION.

And by the way I fell in love with Jenni as a person, but I also got “more” in love with her shoes that day!

So for a book that costs Php1,100, definitely a STEAL..compared with all the ideas you can get from Jenni's book's nothing ! Buy It before it runs out from your favorite National Bookstore Branches near you!


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