Tuesday, March 13, 2012

JOHN and YOKO COSMOPOLITAN JAPANESE: A New Dining Haven for the Japanese Food Lovers

Last February 28, I was among the group of bloggers invited to the 2nd and newest branch of John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese in Alabang Town Center. 

I have countless memories of the restaurants I have dined before but this is the first time I enjoyed yummy food, relaxed ambiance and good company of the bloggers with me.
The long ride going to JOHN and YOKO Cosmopolitan Japanese was worth it. And the food waiting for us looked so yummy that I know I’m in for foodie treat in this southern part of the metro

For my drink I ordered Flavored Yakult in Green Apple (Php108). 


 It was not my first choice for a drink but since I had sore throat that night (and barely have voice to even speak) but I’m glad I had the right decision. It satisfied my thirst with quenching goodness and besides it has Yakult so I’m guaranteed that’s good for my tummy!

For starters, we were served Crunchy Kani Roll  Php278 (Fried crabstick with Cucumber and Japanese Mayo) and Chicken Teriyaki and Mango Pizza Php309 

The Crunchy Kani Roll

The Chicken Teriyaki and Mango Pizza 

I don't usually eat Japanese food except the Ramen and rice bowls. But since it's Japanese Fusion, I enjoyed the combination of taste like how it did with The Chicken Teriyaki and Mango Pizza. The Mango did not overpowered the teriyaki taste but instead it complimented each other. I actually did not know that it has Teriyaki in it.

Next is the

SEAFOOD SHABU SHABU Php499 (with a choice of Black Miso, Brown Miso, or Kimchi Base).



In  actual plating, it can actually be shared among two friends. It has greens with grilled Prawns, Cherry Tomatoes, Mango, Walnuts with Teriyaki sauce and Miso Dressing.

DONBURI KATSU (Gyudon, Katsudon,Tonkatsu, Torikatsu Curry)

If you're the kind of person who's a sucker for rice,then Donburi Tonkatsu. JOHN and YOKO also made this Japanese favorite more appealing by launching its "BOWL it or SIZZLE it". In choosing your
""Donburis , you can either have it served in rice bowls or sizzling plates.

 Friends enjoying good food and ambiance!
From L-R: Jinkee Umali, Me, Leira Pagaspas, Sire Arevalo.

Hmm.. Bloggers in mixed emotions? I'm sure they are too full to even describe how amazing the food was at JOHN & YOKO Cosmopolitan Japanese!

I am with one of the amazing owners of 
Congratulations sir! You have an amazing line of restos here in the Philippines.
Cheers! More of your unequaled restaurant expertise soon! before I forgot, he's the man behind the comfy and nice looking interiors in all the restaurants that they own.

I'm gonna share the photos of the ambiance and fixture inside the restaurant so if you're gonna swing by, more or less you'll have an idea how your dining experience would be.

A revolutionized sun disk

A video wall set-up , so you can watch Japanese flicks while eating at JOHN & YOKO


The couch is in velvet ..Love it! The color of royalty.

The fancy chairs with animal skin designs (Giraffe,Snake,Tiger and Leopard skins)

The majestic monochromatic tree branches and birds' silhouette designs with red velvet on the walls.

The long trip to Alabang Town Center is worth it. But there's the first branch at Greenbelt 5 so there's no chance missing it while you're in the metro.

But I suggest that you call for reservations because JOHN & YOKO Cosmopolitan Japanese has a following already.

For more updates please like their Facebook fan page here.

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