Friday, March 23, 2012


I Remember my mom was so O.C of how our family home should look like. Well moms are generally like that, be it from the color of curtains she will use for the family room should also match the ones inside the bedroom or which vase will match the center table; things like that. I don’t know for some moms but my mom is like that. 

Our family is just a small one but my mom makes sure that everything is well-taken cared of. My parents like to buy expensive fixture for our home but they make sure that the ones they buy is worth its high price. Their way of thinking is like: why buy items with low prices if the quality is unmatched? So for them better to invest in a furniture or home appliance but will be for long use.
Just like our sofa and beds. The foams used for it are from URATEX Foams. I remember my mom who loves and have high sentiments over our sofa that instead of buying a new one( because the foam of it was wrecked already after how many years of use) decided to go to the Uratex Foam plant to have it custom-repaired and replaced. And my parents were happy with the results because until now whenever I visit them , it is still the old sofa situated in our family room.
It never fails to amaze me at how durable and long-lasting Uratex foams is. So when a blogger friend invited me to join a group of bloggers to visit the Uratex Plant in Muntinlupa I am so excited to say yes.
During our visit, Mr. Dindo , The Communications manager for RGC Group of Companies (The company behind the brand URATEX) was our host and together with other employees , helped us to know how the famous Uratex foams are made of.

First it starts with The Research & Development Laboratory, this is where the formulation of foams are done.The laboratory personnel here develops formulates and conducts tests that will endure proper formulation will meet the product specifications that customers look for.
2nd step is FOAMING, once the formulation is ready, it is entered in a foaming machine’s computer system. Up to 26 streams of different chemicals are doused using computer-controlled metering pumps for precision. The liquid will turn into cream within seconds and then into solid state within 1.5-2 minutes, and where the solid foam block may be cut between 1 to 60 meters in length. Here in the Muntinlupa plant, the foam is cut in 30-meter lengths.
The liquid foam now in its expanded form.
3rd Step is CURING. The foam blocks are then picked up by an overhead crane and transferred to the curing area. Here the foams are cooled within the next 24 hours and considered cured after that.

4th Step, Foams are then brought to the FOAM BLOCK WAREHOUSE. This serves as storage for the foam blocks. This is where the blocks are stored  before moved into the production area.

5th step is The Production area. This is where the URATEX products come from. The foam blocks are cut into the requested size and then contoured into the desired or type of product to be produced.

The RGC Group of companies revolutionized foam making way back in 1987. And in 2001 , the company invested in a new foam makiing equipment called “HENNECKE”. It is tagged as the “Mercedez Benz” of foam-making industry. It is a German-manufactured equipment and regarded as the best in the world.
All of us enjoyed our tour of the plant. This experience even affirmed my huge satisfaction for the brand. I know there other quality brands that produced foams but for now I entrust my foam needs to URATEX.

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