Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meralco launched the Meralco MOVE APP !!!

For a homemaker like me -slash-blogger, and I'm sure all the wives out there will agree with me that, it's pain in the eye (and even the pockets) to see how our electric consumptions goes up and yet we are clueless about it.

It is a good thing Meralco has finally launched an application which can help fully understand our daily electric consumption.

Meralco recently launched the application through a Meralco Bloggers Night night at their very own Lighthouse at the 14th Floor Lopez Bldg. at the Meralco Compound, Ortigas, Pasig City.

Surf Fabric Conditioner Launches Premium Aromatherapy Line

 It had a very successful launch. Dr. Turvill, owner of Spa Essentials, a line of essential oils used for health and over-all well-being shared interesting facts about the importance of Aromatherapy oils.


Another contest alert you would not want to miss!!! Here's your chance to win a make-over package from Fanny Serrano Hair Salon each month and a chance to win the Grand Prize of 2-night stay Palawan for an underground cave experience.

For more details on how to win those exciting prizes,,read more below!

From October 2012 to October 2013, Novuhair users and non-users alike are invited to join the Novuhair Amateur Video Spoof Contest for the chance to win a Fanny Serrano Salon Relaxation Package worth PHP8,000 (good for three persons) each month and the Grand Prize of a 3-day, 2-night Stay at Puerto Prinsesa’s Underground River in Palawan (good for two persons).

All contestants need to do is record and upload a video of themselves inspired by Fanny Serrano’s Novuhair TV commercial. Afterward, they must submit the video entry link, together with their name, address, email, and contact number to

Entries will be judged on the following criteria: Creativity (the use of original ideas, illustrations, and style overall, in the video; whether or not the video meets the objective of the contest, such as promoting brand awareness in a fun way), Production Quality (visual aesthetics, cinematography, audio quality, adherence to time limit), Technical Skill (camera operation and video editing), and the result as a final product (cohesiveness, overall creativity, video quality, and accuracy of information). Each video must be a minimum of 30 seconds; maximum of 45 seconds. Contestants may submit up to 20 videos within the contest period.

Monthly entries must be received on or before the end of each month, with monthly winners selected and announced on or before the 15th of the following month. Each monthly winner shall compete for the Grand Prize, to be selected by Nutramedica, Inc. in October 2013. Winners will be notified by phone and email.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

SM CITY SAN LAZARO: Don't Miss Out on HUGE Savings with Their 3-Day Sale from SEPT.28-29-30, 2012

Another great news for those people who missed SM City San Lazaro's previous 3-day Sale last June, here's another chance to save up to 70% on discount on various items mall-wide!

Just don't forget to be there as early as 10am and grab the 10% discount from 10am-12nn. on selected purchases at SM Dept. Store with your SM Advantage Card.

I know you'll be dying (literally) to know where to hunt for unbelievable discounted priced items. Here's a few tips where to hunt for great discounted items!

-Check out the lobby near the entrance because this is one of the usual area where they put their bags  on sale.

-Try to troop the activity center and you might just see some items that are definitely on SALE!

- I'm sure you won't miss the items that the various tenants of SM City San lazaro will be putting on display.

-And Lastly be sure to check out SM Department Store. As per experience, it's better to check the mall on it's first day so you'll have first crack of the sale items.!

Will I be seeing you guys! The answer is a big yes! I'll definitely visit SM City San Lazaro on it's first day, and if you happen to be around , just comment below and I'll be happy to be your shopping guide and buddy !

I'll be posting photos of the sale items so be sure to keep posted on my  Facebook wall,twitter account and even on SOCIAL CAM (My new video sharing social media site)!

So there! I gotta sleep so that I won't be late for tom's sale!

Vaseline Men Unveils Latest Face Care Range

Men’s skin is different from women’s skin. It is oilier, thicker and has larger pores. More importantly, because of men’s active lifestyle, their skin is more prone to breakouts and is more exposed to the harsh elements from the environment especially dirt, pollution and the sun’s harmful rays. As a result, men need skin care products that can help address their manly skin problems.

           Always responsive to the needs of men, Vaseline Men recently launched its newest range of skin care products made to address men’s problems.  Vaseline Men, the fastest growing skin care brand in the Philippines, completes its range of facial wash with the introduction of three new innovative variants -- Vaseline Men Spot Removal Facial Wash, Vaseline Men Anti Spot Anti Dullness Scrub and Vaseline Men Oil Control Facial Wash. The new Vaseline Men Facial Wash removes deep down oil and reveals fairer skin. Together with the two new facial wash variant comes two new body lotions – Vaseline Men UV Whitening Body Lotion and Vaseline Men Whitening + Cooling Body Lotion.

           Vaseline Men Spot Removal Facial Wash contains Activated Carbon that acts like a magnet to attract impurities and deeply cleanses the skin to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Vaseline Men Anti Spot Anti Dullness Scrub has microbeads that exfoliate dead, dull skin cells for fairer skin, and Vaseline Men Oil Control Facial Wash with Glacial Clay removes oil from deep within pores and gives a cooling sensation. What’s more, all three variants contain Vitamin B3 for healthy, radiant and fairer skin.

Vaseline Men’s range of lotions include Vaseline Men UV Whitening Body Lotion, which contains Vitamin B3 for visibly fairer skin in as early as two weeks, and Vaseline Men Whitening + Cooling which has Vitamin B3 plus menthol that actively cools and hydrates skin, and also gives whiter, fairer skin in just two weeks.  

            Now, men need not feel embarrassed by using skin care products. With Vaseline Men’s newest face care range, enjoying healthy, conditioned and visibly fairer skin is definitely a guy thing.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ChildFund Philippines launches intensive & meaningful interventions to support children against poverty

ChildFund Philippines launches intensive & meaningful interventions to support children against poverty
After four decades of consistently working with local stakeholders to make a difference in the lives of Filipino children, ChildFund Philippines has launched the undertaking of its new five-year agenda, with its main thrust of “building pathways towards a world fit for Filipino children”.
“ChildFund has consistently worked – albeit under the radar for the past forty years – towards the development of healthy, secure, confident, educated, skilled and involved Filipino children and youth,” says Katherine Manik, Executive Director of ChildFund Philippines. “For the next five years, we aim to reduce poverty among the country’s children and youth through strong core programs in the poorest provinces in the country.” 

The five-year agenda is ChildFund’s renewed response to problems of poverty that Filipino children face despite the country being among the fastest growing populations in Southeast Asia.
“Poverty has substantial effects on each life stage,” Manik shares. “Early on, poverty-stricken mothers of unborn children suffer high maternal death rates. Upon birth, infants and children aged zero to five years old suffer from malnutrition and delay in psychosocial and cognitive development. 

“As they grow older, school children have poor learning outcomes and often develop low self-esteem. Their high dropout rates make them vulnerable to difficult circumstances and limit their chances at life.
“As they mature towards adulthood, many of them become out-of-school youths who are vulnerable to unsafe and exploitative work. These youth grow up with limited life skills, often bringing them in conflict with the law.”

In response to these issues, ChildFund’s five-year agenda provides a more meaningful and intensive intervention, through age-appropriate support programs that respond to children’s needs as they face poverty-caused deprivation, exclusion and vulnerability issues. 

“For the zero to five age group we have a program called ‘Batang Malusog at Bibo’, which provides greater access to services and maternal and child rearing education for mothers,” Manik says. “For the six to fourteen age group, we provide the “Batang Matalino at Listo’ Program, which trains teachers on child-friendly methodologies, establishes school-based child protection mechanisms and conducts financial education workshops for children. For the fifteen to twenty-four age group, we have the ‘Kabataang Aktibo at Produktibo’ program, which aims to improve competencies in employment and entrepreneurship, personality and leadership, as well as social involvement. These three programs are supported by a crosscutting platform called ‘Batang Protektado’, which focuses on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, emergency response and situations of armed conflict.” 

ChildFund currently has 26 partners covering around 600 barangays in 19 cities and 48 municipalities located in 25 provinces located in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. 

“We’ve been here since 1971, and with our renewed vision, ChildFund Philippines intends to break bigger barriers and build greater milestones, with the supreme goal of improving the lives of Filipino children amidst poverty,” Manik concludes.

East West Seeds Celebrating 30 years + The Search for the 30 farmers

Asia’s leading vegetable seed company East-West Seed kicks off its celebration of 30 years of empowering Filipino farmers by hosting a special vegetarian lunch created by “Green Chef” Sau del Rosario, an advocate of supporting local farmers’ produce at One Rockwell last September 20.

East-West Seed is the leader in tropical vegetable varieties with higher yields, better tolerance to disease and pests, longer shelf life, extended growing seasons and better eating quality. These qualities have made vegetable farming a sustainable, high-value enterprise for thousands of Filipino farmers.

Marking its three-decade milestone, East-West Seed announced its nationwide search for 30 farmer-heroes who have achieved success, shown innovativeness in adopting improved technologies, contributed significantly to their community’s development, and improved consumer welfare  with the help of East-West Seed varieties.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our 30th anniversary than to recognize the hard work and extremely valuable – but  often underappreciated – contribution of our local ‘farmer-heroes’ to their bigger communities,” said Mary Ann Sayoc, East-West Seed Philippines General Manager.  “For the past 30 years, East-West Seed Philippines has collaborated with local vegetable growers, and we have always been inspired by their ingenuity and innovativeness. Farmers face a different challenge now: they must feed more people with the same amount of land. We realize the critical role that farmers play in food security and nutrition, and we do our part by producing vegetable seed varieties that thrive in varying conditions and challenges.”

East-West Seed’s search for 30 farmer-heroes will span 15 regions nationwide with 30 nominees per region.  The nominees will be evaluated on their unique success story as a vegetable farmer; their positive influence in their farming communities such as promoting the growth of vegetable farming, creating jobs and uplifting the livelihood of others; and their exemplary adaptation of improved technologies for vegetable production.

"A good seed can change the lives of millions," added Sayoc.  “We believe that a good seed is the starting point of a long chain of value creation: by using high quality, high performing seeds, farmers harvest better yields and earn more from their land and labor.  This also means tastier, more attractive and nutritious vegetables for consumers and households.”

Alongside agricultural sustainability and farmer productivity, the company also promotes nutrition through greater vegetable consumption. East-West Seed gives training and provides hybrid seeds to public elementary schools and typhoon-affected areas for the establishment of school vegetable gardens. These school gardens are managed by the school children, teachers and parents.

“We advocate healthy eating in schools because this means better learning and greater productivity in the community. Every Filipino can support this advocacy too,” said Sayoc.  “Lastly, choose locally-grown vegetables. That’s the best way we can show appreciation and tip our hat to Filipino farmers."

Monday, September 24, 2012

The MarketPlace Eastwood Parking: My New Alternative To Casual Dining

Hey! I'm Back! After all the stress and probs that I have to face these past weeks, I'm finally having a good night's sleep!

And now that I'm back on track, I'm craving for something to eat. What do you think should we go to the mall ? Hmmm..I don't think it will be a nice idea since malls nowadays are too crowded. Out-of-town? Well, not a good idea too since I'm still on 'recovering" stage.

If I don't want to go out of town, maybe I'll just go back to "malling" idea. Maybe check out one of my favorite mall, EastWood Mall in EastWood,Libis.Yes! It's a mall again but for me it's a bit different compared to other malls, why?

First, there  are days that it isn't that crowded. Second, they have relatively small fountain-cum-park that you could just sit and watch a fountain show, and even your kids can run around and enjoy the show. But after that what to so next? I guess we're thinking the same thing---E-A-T! Yes, there should be an "Eat-Fest" or else me and my kids will be grumpy the whole day.

After doing a little "mind-check", during my last visit there, there are a couple of new places to check for new chows but what I'm planning on our next visit is to eat somewhere casual. A place where the kids can eat with out minding if they mess out. I wanted to go out with my kids this time and make sure they enjoy without being too mindful of their actions.

And there's one place that hit that "idea" BIGTIME! Where? If you are a fan of Il Mercanti in Ortigas then this next place that I will be featuring will be a "no-newcomer" to you.

I plan to bring my family to eat at The MarketPlace Eastwood Parking! The MarketPlace is new food hub for those people who love to eat Comfy food yet just right for your budget.

I visited the MarketPlace just a few weeks ago (before I got sick) and here are some of the food that I hope to visit with my family!

They all look yummy right! I will update this post tomorrow for the list of tenants! But for the mean time feast your eyes here.

Stacker's Burger Cafe: Now Offers Healthier Alternative through Their New BAKED CHICKEN

Chicken has been part of the Filipino menu and with all the chicken dishes,  it was the “Fried Chicken” who always becomes the winner in every occasion that we celebrate. 

But not all fried is good. Nowadays it is best that we avoid foods that are fried. We should always find healthy ways to cook our food so that we could lessen the risk of getting “lifestyle” diseases.

Good thing I discovered a new restaurant that serves “Baked Fried Chicken”.  This breakthrough chicken masterpiece was first launched at the recently held Franchise Asia Philippines 2012 Expo held at SMX Convention Center Pasay City.

Stackers Burger Café was already a looker whenever me and my family visit Eastwood City in Libis, Q.C., so it was actually my first time to eat here last week when they invited us bloggers to have a taste of their newest-food concept, the “Baked Fried Chicken”.

My other favorite besides The BAKED CHICKEN, another way for kids to eat FISH

The brain behind this newest food concept is Mr. Bryan Tiu, the founding owner of Teriyaki Boy before he sold 70% of it to Pancake House Group in 2005. He is a prime restaurateur with several known brands under his I-Foods.Inc like Tokyo Café, Peri-Peri Chicken and Kogi Bulgogi.

Months after of careful research of I-Foods Inc. research and development team, Stackers’ has came up with the Baked fried Chicken with 80% less oil so it’s lighter and health-conscious food lovers  who loves to eat fried chicken.

The BAKED FRIED CHICKEN is available through BFC RICE MEALS (1pc w/ Rice Php95, 2pc w/Rice Php155), while you can also grab and take these to your families through 3pcs (Php205), 6pcs. (Php395), 12pcs (Php778), Jumbo 15pcs (Php970), Party 30pcs (Php1,900).

Stackers Burger Café “dares us to compare” their new Baked Fried Chicken and taste the difference.
You can try their Milk/Fruit Shakes, Cold/Hot Coffees, Burgers, Waffles, Buffalo wings at EastWood City, Resorts World, McKinley Hill, Alabang Town Center and the newly-opened Promenade Mall.

It will be a nice idea if I'll come back with Bloggers friends, right?