Wednesday, April 17, 2013

CHRIS CAYZER Live at 7th High APEX Lounge

Remember that face, natural –first class voice-that face that exudes a certain mix of aura and charisma, well I know for sure he’s still fresh in our memories. And that memories are now a reality as this Aussie-born young handsome man is back from his 2-year absence in our country after his most notable and recent achievement as he was among the Top 6 in the “Over 25 Category”  and Top 24 overall in The X-Factor Australia 2012.
Last April 3, 2013, 7th High Apex Lounge, I was among the bloggers invited to hear him perform live,  a first among his series of gigs and shows, entitled “SoulNite".

7th High is your one-stop-all-in-one bar divided into 3 parts: 7th High Club, Apex Lounge and the main lounge on the 3rd floor.

Chris Cayzer performed 3 sets of songs with Ali Alejandro and the band. Among the songs he played that is his cover of the song, 'You Give Me Something" and below is the video of that performance.


Full Name: Christopher Ashley Luke Araneta Cayzer
Born and raised at:  Brisbane, Australia
Dream Collaboration:

Chris Cayzer did 3 sets that night and all you have to do is catch him live every other Wednesdays at 9pm and pay the entrance fee of Php250 (inclusive of 1 drink). Aside from #SoulNite which happens at 7th High Apex Lounge , there are also Tuesdays (Sessions Night), Wednesdays (SoulNiteNight), Thursdays ( Volume Night), Fridays(Alternative Escape) and Saturdays (Saturday Feature).

Asidefrom the different bar nights you get to see live at 7th High Apex Lounge, not only your ears will be satisfied but also gastronomically.

Gastronomically yes because 7th High also now launches new items on their menus making your night visit a blast. Check out some of the new dishes I also ate while watching the Chris Cayzer perform Live!

Chicken BBQ Quesadillas
Grilled chicken breast filled with generous servings of lettuce, peppers and Monterey Jack Cheese sandwiched between crispy flour tortilla and served with 7th High's signature salsa fresca.

Wild Mushroom Pasta
Sauteed Shiitake White button, Porcini Mushrooms with Cream and tossed with Linguine pasta.
Finished with Truffle Oil.

Steak and Eggs
It is a 6.5 oz beef tenderloin on an English Muffin  bed topped with sunny side up quail eggs and served with bernaise sauce.

Sticky Rice and Mango Flambe'
Glutinous rice cake and fresh ripe mango smothered in caramel sauce and finished with a shot of brandy.

Actually these delectable dishes are not yet available on their menu so I'm one of the first ones to try it aside from their chef. These dishes are just one of the many "new" dishes that 7th High is offering to its loyal bar guests and diners.

7th High is not just your extraordinary go-to-bar place. They also cater to special events depending on the kind of event that may suit your events' needs. For more information about the different packages that they have for your special events you may reach Ms.Chen Nicolas of 7th High Apex Lounge 09277315224.

At 7th High, everything is a "surprise", that night we were surprised as ex-PBB Housemate Season 1 Aldred Gatchalian is one that night's guest. Luckily, he was requested to jam with Chris Cayzer and he sang "Where Ever You Will Go" by The Calling.

Aldred Gatchalian

Rachel Alejandro's Younger Brother Ali Alejandro as plays the Lead Guitar

From L-R: Chris Cayzer, Me and Aldred Gatchalian.

So what are you waiting for, bored? Hyped? Everyone's welcome at 7th High Apex Lounge, just chose what day or you can go from Tuesdays-till Saturday! See You All There! 

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Phone: +63(2)8561786

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